Graphics degraded after UK update?

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed the very thin vertical lines mostly visible in the distant scenery while in cockpit view? It looks like the screen is interlaced ie missing out every other vertical pixel row in an attempt to boost frame rate maybe? It definitely hasn’t been present before and I am using the same settings as always Graphics>High and V-sync off is all I change. Used to get around 55-60 fps, now down to 45-50. Is there a graphics setting to improve the appearance to what it was before the UK update?

I haven’t noticed that- but I did notice some screen tearing that wasn’t there before. Also, there are are more pauses as scenery loads than before IMO. Lots of gashes on landscapes too- that’s worse than before as well. Something’s up, that’s for sure.

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I have a theory that each time a new update comes out it increases the overall load on the system as more content is added. And that in turn means an increasing amount of even mid range PC’s will start to struggle with it where they possibly hadn’t before. The new London photogrammatry is a good example of that.

The fact of the matter is as the sim evolves people will need to start investing in better hardware to run it. The sim was next gen when it was released last August and I’ve got a feeling its almost always going stay one step ahead of all but the highest end hardware.

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Not sure I agree with you. I don’t have a very high-end system but the sim was working beautifully even at high settings. After the update, a lot of people are having degraded performance. If you look at the release notes, there is nothing major added. Snags here and there. If only the problem was in the England locations, that will be suspect but it’s everywhere. They change the scene rendering engine somehow with detrimental effects, to accommodate what ?

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I haven’t such an issue. Just looked at my screenshots from today.
Could you share a screen capture?

There was 20GB or thereabouts of data added so it was a fair amount of whatever it was. Plus there’s all the extra data being streamed remotely. Its all part of one big system at the end of the day. The fact that people are getting poorer performance kind of proves my point that with each update more content is added and from a purely computational point of view it doesn’t come for free. Its bound to create more and more work for the sim to do.

The clouds are better looking now, noticeably improved, but I’m sure that extra quality comes at an FPS price, even if its small it all adds up. My point really is it’ll be the same going forward. They’ll keep making things nicer looking but it’ll always come at a performance trade off. They’re talking about making mountains look far more realistic, which will be great, but I can imagine that’ll come at a huge performance cost for those with even mid range PC’s who up until now have been able render mountains ok.

Well I am puzzle by that 21GB of code (not data ?) was for what exactly ? Nothing to see here in the notes. In the future, I don’t know which will do most of the work. MS servers or the PC. That’s why there is so many options in the menu to adjust the graphics. In fact, they really need to trim down the load if this is suppose to run on Xbox consoles. :thinking:

It’s obvious that every update not only enhances the ‘look and feel’ of our sim but also demands re-adjusting some settings to meet our expectations again.
Not only after sim update but also after updates of the Gforce drivers.
So be it…
Of course, there are limits in what a rig can handle and in my case, I know that I have to live without High to Ultra settings.
Let’s face it, there’s currently no way to run FS2020 to the absolute max.
For that, we’ll need an I12 CPU, RTX 6090, 256 GB of RAM etc…
For now, I deal with my I7, 1650 Qmax and 12 GB RAM.
Not top notch, I know but it does the job.

I have fps drops following the latest update. Every world update destroys the sim. I get that graphics are cool. I get that. BUT WHY do we have to always deal with atrocious bugs. The USA world update was terrible for me. None of the planes worked and instead they all started stalling randomly and crashing. Now with the new world update comes new bugs that make me want to question why I even bother to come back to this mess of a sim. I’m generally dissapointed as a longtime fan of the series. The reason why previous flight simulators were actually usable was because of the low amount of big and drastic updates.