Graphics on Xbox su15 drastically deteriorated

I’m no onger seeing waves moving and collecting up against islands, bays, and the base of ridge lines. Is this a part of the quality regression? Was flying around the Bahamas earlier and no more animated waves. Just static images. :neutral_face:

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I’ve found that if you want waves you have to make the wind layer at least 5knots. The wind in this photo was around 10-15knots to get these waves.
Yea the Caribbean was one of my favorite places to fly… until the Caribbean world update.

I used to fly so many places, Denver and all around Colorado my home state. LA / NYC. Seattle. The salmon river in Idaho. Pairs, Nice and Monaco. The Swiss alps, Sion, Zermatt, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald. Mount Everest and the Nangpa, Gokyo and the Khumbu Valleys to Lukla.

Now SU15 has reduced me to flying over the ocean.


Could this be our salvation?:thinking:

Is this a joke? Are they trolling us?

I’ve never been a fan of //42 (parallel 42.) They are so proud of their sceneries that are mostly in the sim already. They hardly discount their packs more than 15%. (The latest kittox sale was significant.) I’ve seen better sceneries for free and they insist on $10.99. :roll_eyes:

But this? Are they just preying on people with the buzzwords and moment of time marketing ploy. Oh here’s a ‘fix’ for your current problem. Gross.

I will wait for the scenes from the next chapters of this soap opera. For now, on my console the SIM remains uninstalled.

Ive spent a significant amount of money on Xbox MSFS 2020. I understood certain limitations around specific 3rd party add ins but was generally happy. What we have now is total s***. Whoever thought this would be good to Xbox users needs brain surgery! The current version seems to be all about making the WT mods of the 787 and 747 work on Xbox at the expense of all the higher quality 3rd party products that worked fine. I’ve had enough , I’m just not doing any more. It’s ruined!!


tried a flight today after a little fs base airport update. sim looked a little better and airports objects didn’t pop up as front of you as bad as before.

let’s see if it was an accident or a definitive improvement . but over all , sim has lost a lot of it visual quality on Xbox, that’s sad…

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Part of it is the server performance. The other part is how many third party add-ons you are using at a time. If you are just using the base sim with its base planes, it’s not so bad unless the server you are on at the time isn’t performing great.

The LOD issue was more server based before, but since the last update it’s a combination of both.

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As a matter of fact, I’ve just purchased X-Plane 12 (and am currently using the native Mac Silicon version). It is a superb sim, it loads very fast, has great visual effects, it even includes running trains and real liveries out of the box! However, MSFS remains in general more spectacular due to the integrated Photogrammetry streaming versus the autogen scenery of X-Plane (it’s like an alternate Earth, unless adding Auto Ortho, which then makes the sim superior if your computer can handle it).

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Hmm something changed today. Typical LOD draw on final was about 5 miles. Just did one it was easily 10-15 miles. The transition was much smoother either, none of those big patches just morphing.


The is the part I was talking about where the server comes into play. These were issues awhile back, but not as noticeable since the LOD distance was further.


Ive noticed an LOD improvement too since the last mandatory update, particularly at airports.


I’m not seeing it. Just popped into LA before calling it a night and it’s abysmal. Then decided to come home and see how downtown Denver looked. Screen shots really don’t do the problem justice. While downtown will load the trees, buildings, and surrounding highways are all flattened and popping in and out. You can still see the difference is astounding.

April 2023


Oh, I was just saying it was better than it was 3/4 weeks ago right after SU15, which something in the last update definitely helped

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No you don’t have to fiddle around with any settings. I’m on Xbox and always have live weather turned on so I don’t change any settings as there’s never been a need to

Waves have always been animated. Now I see static images as if hand drawn or an oil painting. It’s gross.

that’s my thought too

It’s very marginal though. Game is still not looking or performing as good as the best SU15 beta version


Affirm! It is sad that users who have the PD version on an Xbox X, let’s have these performance and graphic quality problems, they left us the worst SU, so we will continue with an excellent game with Doom 1993 graphics :ok_hand:t3:


Totally agree.Marginal improvement.

I’m just wondering if the update the other day included part of the GDK that didn’t work well during the beta. Last night I noticed much better draw distances, especially at night where I could see lights on the ground much further away than before. They also weren’t disappearing when approaching another airport. Also, the LOD seems better on the ground too, especially at third party airports.

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