Graphics redrawing as i fly

Hi to you all. I am very new to this sim so sorry if this has been covered here. I am suffering from pop in or redrawing, or whatever you call this issue. When i load up an airport ready to fly only the graphics around me are drawn and further away its all just flat. As i start to fly it just draws in the graphics all around me. It all looks flat in near distance. I am using an I7 7700K, 2080 GPU and 32 GB Memory. I have made sure i am all live and on the net. My connection is BT fibre broadband so getting fast speed. Its just very off putting to fly as it just redraws every thing in the area i fly in. I don’t know anything about setting up cache so its at its default setup on my C drive. The game is loaded on my D drive on a 1TB Samsung 980 Evo SSD through Steam. Can someone please shed some light as to a fix or something i am not doing right

It seems like it could be your internet despite it being fiber… One thing to try would be to disabling Bing satellite/photogrammetry data in Options.

Other than that, the LOD settings. MSFS is known to draw photogrammetry kind of mushy…

Can you post a screenshot?

Thanks for reply. It seems to have fixed itself. I did however delete my cache and it works great now, nice realistic graphics without any annoying re draw

Hi @Divs62,
Glad you got your problem fix.

Clearing of the cache is one of the first things to do. There’s a section on the forum related to Bugs & Issues. We like members to search there before posting. If a topic does not already exist then create a new one. Otherwise, contribute to that topic and up vote it. We use the votes to bring issues to the developers. When multiple topics are created it splits those votes.

If you get a chance, up vote this topic related to LOD issues:
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I’m going to close your topic as it is a duplicate.

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