Grass Strippers UK?

I planned a grass strip tour of eastern England a year or two ago but only ever got round to actually flying the first 2 legs (of 45).

Starting from Fenland, which is my local strip IRL, going all around Norfolk and Suffolk and the edge of surrounding counties and ending at Boston Aerodrome.

Would be nice to have someone/two or so come along for fun. All visual navigation - though I don’t mind if you want to use a GPS - even with them it can be very hard to spot the right field edge to land in!

I fly suitable aircraft - a mix, depending on mood, from the default Cubs, PC-6 to the add-on Husky, C337, Jabirus or even the Edgeley Optica for a nice, panoramic view while flying (it’s great for visual nav, too).

I’m also an old duffer and been flying virtual aircraft since Tomahawk (1986), now in VR. I don’t bother with sim ATC in its current state.

Shout if you’re interested - maybe a couple of times a week - more if you have time but no pressure :slight_smile:

PS - though it’s 45 strips, the distances between them are very short, so as not to need too long sessions - I planned it in Little Nav Map so can send the plan for your use really easily and am open to any ‘diversions’:


Hello!! This seems interesting!

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