Great Britain South thread

I suspect it will, and they just won’t care to respond. I always feel with Orbx that attempting to communicate with them is just screaming into the wind.

I’m sure individual staff members and developers are passionate there, but as a corporate entity they simply do not give a ■■■■.

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YMML just doesn’t run on Xbox, yet several months later… no fix, and zero communication. A shame as their indie devs produce some great work.

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To their credit, Orbx has responded.

I got a copy paste of that reply to the email I sent them.

It’s a bit snarky. Obviously I don’t care about giraffes in the UK but the helipads are probably maybe possibly potentially a bit more useful for… I dunno - umm HELICOPTERS in a flight sim.

And the “missions and tours” to take us to see all their wonderful creations would also be a tool that could maybe be used for aircraft route planning. Not sure. Not giraffe though I think. Not sure they are that good at reading flight plans. Dear oh dear.

At least we can make a PLN with that kindly provided POI map now. Except Xboxers won’t be able to.

That’s their CEO by the way. Well in touch with flight simmers.

Basically brushing their hands of it and offered a refund. I asked if they would be added in future. Guess we have our answer.

I don’t have a forum account there so can’t reply. Just wanted to say about the helipads if anyone could formulate a reply back?! :slight_smile:

My email

I recently purchased the newly released Great Britain South pack from your site on the day of purchase.

I was extremely disappointed to see that after I made the purchase, you had changed the description on the product details page to remove reference to a few things that I assumed were included as they were listed as features on the page.


  • Helipads
  • Animals
  • Tours and Missions

In particular the helipads are a large part of why I purchased.

I still think it’s an OK pack for the price, but it is a disgrace that there was this mis-selling and then an about-turn to remove those items.

Are these planned to be added in future free updates to the product pack?

In addition there are quite a number of conflicts that seem reliant on many 3rd parties making changes in order to fix the duplicates of objects.

Is there any plan to improve this situation or give us more control of which objects from which mod are used by the sim in general?

Kind Regards,


Re: the ‘disappointed not to find the giraffes’ comment from ORBX.

Not quite sure how to take that comment tbh. Maybe intended to be light hearted and ‘jokey’ (?) but seems a bit offhand and dismissive to me.

From what I gather it wasn’t just the lack of animals mentioned in the ‘blurb’ either that was the issue. I also thought a few POIs were MIA too.


The kind of response I’d expect from them, CEO is absolutely clueless about what matters to their customer base.

Nobody is complaining about the absence of giraffes of course, but the duplications of POIs with other partner’s products and terribly low quality ships with static wakes are issues that drag the product down.

But just ignore the genuine criticisms and make a little gaslighting quip about moaners unreasonably complaining about the absence of exotic animal life is the exact response I would have expected from them.

The worst company in the flghtsim community.


Guys, I’ve said my piece over there regarding the initial misadvertising.

I don’t have a problem (yet) with clashing POIs. So if any of you want to reiterate that point and the POI maps, I’ll leave that to you.

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It always amazes me when companies are almost dismissive of their customers and seemingly treat them as an irrelevance. I’ve never understood this.

ORBX used to be one of my ‘go to’ 3rd party sites but now I no longer buy from them.


I did think about posting some photos but I did that for Great Britain North and they ignored them all apart from a clash between GB North and their own Sumburgh airport. But all they offered was a complicated workaround fix that involved manually changing lines of code and I couldn’t get it to work anyway.

I now just accept that they are unable or unwilling to do what even freeware developers can manage so just manage my expectations accordingly.

Thankfully, most other flghtsim community devs are doing great work so Orbx aren’t so needed any more.


I have more products from ORBX than my wallet cares to admit, yet I must agree with your sentiment.
GB South was not only released with blatantly false advertisement, it also features many laughably badly designed POIs and clashes with major 3rd party products (which could easily have been resolved by splitting out the BGL).

In the face of all of that, the ORBX CEO makes a sarcastic quip (“If anyone feels they bought the product and are disappointed not to find the giraffes…”) and she also contradicts ORBX with “as much as we love animals, there are packs that already do a good job of that” even though their product features low-quality ship models with static wakes in an area Seafront Simulations serves with perfection, as well as masts and radomes, which the free WeLoveVFR has covered for years.

As a matter of fact, there actually is no product that I am aware that populates fields across a wide area as the advertisement indicated, so I’m wondering what she is referring to?

In the end, the message that Ms. Cicognani conveys is literally “Hey, we don’t care at all about the issues with our product” and this attitude will eventually hurt the company in the marketplace.


100 percent. More people should post a complaint in the thread over on their forum so that they are aware people aren’t happy. They might reluctantly act if they get a dozen users all saying the same thing.

They do come across as an arrogant, smug coorporation who care nothing for their userbase though.

Like you, I have bought many products from them, mostly their partners, through the OrbCentral app but I don’t want to support them any more.

Every UK airport is a straight, lazy port from an old sim, they look years behind what other major scenery developers are doing, many of their models would be rejected by freeware developers so being too low quality.


I would have bought this straight away if I hadn’t been on holiday, but reading the thread I think I’ll give it a miss as there seems to be too many conflicts/lower quality versions with stuff I already own.


My wallet is closed on this one despite having both GB North and GB Central. I can ‘make do’ without GB South.

I like to buy from customer friendly devs who show enthusiasm and a drive to make their next addon even better e.g. Raul (FSReborn). Thankfully he is not the only one we have.


Are there KZM files for the North and Center versions too?

I have seen them shared previously, at the time of release for those add ons but I no longer have them. Both Central and North do have all of their POIs listed on the discovery map in the Orbx Central app however so you can see them there.

Orbx have at least responded saying that they will do the same for GB South, so at least we will know where to sight see.

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Orbx have just posted that they acknowledge customer feedback and are both creating a POI list and also removing the ship models, which addresses my two major issues.

I’d rather they sorted the objects into .BGL files so we can decide what to keep and discard, but this is more than I anticipated from Orbx so glad for this.

I know I’ve complained quite a lot about the product, but for those who don’t have it and are on the fence about buying it, the actual POI additions are very welcome, it’s great to have the extra castles especially, so if they can remove some of the more offensive duplications it will definitely be a recommendable product for those who enjoyed North and Central.

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