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Was running GTX 2070 Super video card, I-7 Processor and having lots of CTD’s, jitters, etc even at minimum VR settings. I upgraded to an I-9 Processor and things have been great! It wasn’t the video card for me that was causing my troubles. Now an upgrade to a 3090 in the future? Probably not as I can’t afford that much money. I’m satisfied with the way things are working now, at least till the next update screws something up again.

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Thanks for sharing that. I am considering upgrading my i7 as well. This gives me some encouragement.

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I was sceptical of the benefit of an i9 with FS2020 but, since my 3080 card came bundled with one, it turns out to be one smooth operator. I can run FS2020 in VR, firefox with multiple tabs open (even one or two tabs running a video stream) and little navmap with neglible impact on my VR experience.

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What type of I7 did you upgrade from and what I9 did you get? I was looking into purchasing an I7-9700K (up from an I5-9400) because I wasn’t sure the extra threads on the I9-9900K were worth the extra cost for this game. Thanks.

When the sim was released I upgraded from a I-5, to the I-7 and to a 2070 super. Wasn’t enough. I should’ve got the I-9 then. Get the I-9.

Number of threads is not that important for now as the Sim seems to only use 4 cores currently. Things will change with implementation of DX12 AFAIK. The most important thing currently is the individual core speed. End of last year I upgraded first my MOBO, processor and RAM (from i7 3770K to i7 10700K), keeping my good old GTX1080, and that was the most important change with the most positive impact on FPS and render quality.
The next upgrade I did recently with the RTX 3070 wasn’t that spectacular as I’m CPU limited with my new I7, even when I test it OC to 5.1Ghz (I’m keeping OC 4,9Ghz all cores for now, keep it fresh).

Processor Ghz is the king for such Sim.

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Depends which resolution yor screen is. With 4k the GPU is king.

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Right, I should have said I’m lucky to only have a full HD TV :wink: Saying that, yes, on 4K you need to raise all settings as details are more obvious at the distance. GPU is also good for VR, I’m kind of limited with my RTX3070, but I’m able to keep my 45fps in VR nearly everywhere so I’m happy anyway.

But I have several testing scenario where playing with all graphical settings do nothing to raise my FPS as I’m limited by CPU, mainly due to cockpit display with screens. They optimize this and it will save tons of resource.

Thanks for the replies. I made the mistake of hooking up a Quest 2 with my RTX 2060 and I5-9400F. I say mistake because even though it’s barely acceptable, I can’t go back to 2D even on mostly high and ultra settings (1080P). The cheapest option for me seems to be upgrading to an I7-9700K or possibly the I9-9900K. However, I am still trying to justify the price difference between the two CPUs. Thanks again.

For what it’s worth, I’m running a i7 9700 with a 2080ti and getting good performance. I’m driving a Reverb G2 and get (most places) 30-35fps at medium / high graphics. (most ‘demanding’ airplane I fly is the CJ4)

Understand exactly what you mean … no way I could go back to 2D, even though I could feast my eyes on 4K (mostly) on ultra.

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I’m using an i7 9700K overclocked to 4.9 GHz, with a 2080 S, and I’m getting decent performance on an Index w/ SteamVR. I like eye candy, so I have tweaked my settings to be as high as possible, but I’ve locked my framerate to 22.5 and use motion smoothing. But since this week’s patch this is giving me an awesome, smooth experience.

I just built my PC last fall, but given all I’ve read here and elsewhere, I wish I’d spent the extra pennies for a higher gen i9, even if the sim won’t currently benefit from the extra threads. So I’d say if you are planning to spring for an upgrade, go for the i9 if you can manage it, or an i7 with the highest clock rate you can manage.

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