Great flight tonight

About 30 minutes ago I completed the best overall flight I’ve had in MSFS 2020 thus far. I flew from EGKK to LIRF in the Airbus A32NX, with my flight plan imported directly from Navigraph. I had a cold and dark startup at London-Gatwick and a pretty decent landing in Rome. The airport scenery for EGKK is the custom scenery from I didn’t experience a single stutter. Granted, my settings are not maxed out, but everything still looked pretty good. I enjoyed myself and the whole experience was pretty relaxing.

Lately I’ve been exporting my flight plans from Navigraph directly into MSFS and not experiencing any issues like I used to get with my Simbrief plans. Going directly from Navigraph into MSFS, I’ve been able to include my runway choices, SID, STAR, and Approach procedure, and not have MSFS change anything, and ATC doesn’t change it either. In that regards, things are getting better. I just wish I could port over my Airbus A350-XWB from X-Plane. That is my favorite airplane to fly. But anyways…


Hi…i m flying almost only the a320, and i m getting good with it, getting comfortable with the mcu, puuting also sids, stars etc and still learning more like putting weights, winds, etc…also with flight plan imported from navigraph…some way points are missing though …i flew too from eggl to lirf, and i continued to athens and then rhodos as final destination…athens-rhodos is a pretty flight as well…the approach is stunning…i m exploring navigraph to get new flights and discover new destinations (i was always doing the same), and i think the flightsim is getting better and better…with still a few bugs or ugly clouds but…cant wait tot get other planes (i m a airbus fan) like the 330and also the 350…but i think we have time for that…enjoy flying…btw, if you have ideas for nice destinations, please share…cheers

I have a question , my issue is that when I have made the flightplan in simbrief some of it automatic loads in to the MCU , how do I stop this from happening so that I can do it manually on the MCU?