Great job on SU5! It's perfect!

Performance increase is amazing. Now ofcourse there had to be some adjustments made like visibility and occlusion culling. This performance increase is the pathway to enabling raytracing in future. Pre SU5, people were getting terrible performance. Now imagine that with raytracing enabled… Now atleast with this performance increase, the team has breathing room to further increase the visual fidelity of the sim.

but the graphic is definitely worst

exactly !!!

Same here!
Extreme fast loading compared to pre SU5 and with a full community folder!
No CTDs or weird optical bugs.

Some of us just haven’t had that many issues. I’ve been a tester since alpha. Haven’t had a CTD since last Christmas.

The blatant laying on this post is so offensive to me… it’s not only that, it’s counterproductive since this type of behavior will not fix the real issues with the sim. This update messed up so many things, it’s indeed the worse update as some others have pointed out.

Where is your alpha tester ribbon?

This post is just from a happy customer. On every Q&A they say they read the forums so I was just saying thanks since they will perhaps read it. I know a lot of people won’t like it but some of us are happy with the sim and have no problems. By all means say your piece about the sim (same as I have done here).

I know how complex software can be and think this sim is a marvellous achievement with more to come in future.

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What’s a ribbon?

So they sacrificed visual quality so that they can… increase visual quality later? I’m afraid I fail to see your logic with that one, mate. Raytracing is not magic and will not make up for the type of visual changes many people are complaining about.

I agree that the title was not very well thought out, but to call the post a lie is too much. It’s a fact that some people are getting more issues than others, and some are even able to fly without noticeable issue at all. Personally, I don’t object to seeing someone express their contentment to balance out all the negativity a little bit.

I’m one of the people having issues myself, and I want to see them fixed ASAP, but the problems don’t blind me to the fact that the patch did some good things too.

If you look under my name it shows that I was on the tech alpha, everyone who participated on the alpha has that ribbon under their name.

I just have to put in my 2 cents FOR Asobo!!! I run a rather modest pc - 1660ti and 32G ram in an i7-9700, that I specifically built for MSFS 2020. I have always simmed with the important settings on ultra, and the rest on high or medium, and saw steady fps in the low 30s. For SU5 I emptied my Community folder (I use Addons Linker and have 105G of files in there, which I turn on and off very specifically), and when I started up I was simply blown away. My fps went straight up into the low to mid 60s and stayed there. I just sat and watched - not really believing my eyes. The image was absolutely rock solid (no stutters) and the graphics were totally GORGEOUS!!! I checked my system stats and saw that my CPU usage was way down and GPU usage was way up (where it always should have been). It took me a few minutes to figure out the Legacy setting switch and then all my controls were back to the status they used to be “Before SU5” which also made me very happy. I have been simming for 40 years, so I am no stranger to the trials and tribulations (and extreme patience) of manipulating settings for best performance - but THIS is quite simply unbelievable!!

Well done Asobo!!! I really could not have imagined that my pc would operate so well that it felt like it had been upgraded behind my back. Gorgeous graphics, amazing fps, incredible distance detail, rock solid performance, and I am (and have always been) a visual simmer (as well as a pilot) so I am in simming heaven right now. OMG what an enormous leap forward!!!

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Not sure if that’s true for all the alpha phases. I got in on June 19th. So that was alpha 4 ( My first Zendesk ticket was submitted on June 25th. Never had any ribbons.

SU5 is a mixed bag for me. I can appreciate the numerous ‘quality of life’ improvements, especially in the menu system, and some additional options that are new here and there. Performance seems to have improved for me, too.

I have experienced some CTD events (which were not happening before SU5), but today I haven’t experienced any, so I don’t know what to make of that. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be back to CTD again.

MSFS 2020 is a game that will always be in development one way or another. This update was a major one and I realize there will be issues - I think the most urgent need is for a CTD hotfix (which I see is on the way, thankfully). Once we have that we can at least fly again without the worry of random CTD events spoiling the fun.

I won’t be uninstalling any time soon. The journey can sometimes be uncomfortable and full of inconveniences, but when I put down my money for the sim back ahead of the launch I bought into the good and bad on the road ahead.

Happy trails.

Hi @CareerDisc64986,
@Kongaming27 is mentioning about your Alpha Insider Title. That title is to the right of your gamertag. I will restore that for you…

EDIT: Restored!

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Thank you! I’ve never paid attention to that. Honestly I was just happy to experience the new sim. And I was never here to earn badges lol.

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Brother what good is having high FPS when the experience graphics wise is worse than on the alpha? I feel like I’m flying on FSX again with all the popping objects…. This is with everything maxed out that this is happening. Also, the stutter is still there, only difference is that one it’s a 10 second pause stutter instead of the micro stutter. This issues are happening on a machine running an RTX3080, i7 10700k at 5.2ghz and 32gb of 3200 ram, 1440p.

Just a reminder to all that were in any Alphas & Betas, that the NDA is still in effect.

Please refer to this official post from Microsoft regarding your obligations under the Alpha/Closed Beta testing program NDA. All discussions in the Public MSFS Forum must focus on release versions only.

I did not reveal anything NDA related, I expressed my opinion on one version, versus the other. Nothing under NDA was said.

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