Great job on the Sim

I first flew VFR with the 152, 172 and Extra.

I’ve switched to the Airbus A320 lately. At first, there was a problem with autopilot and I was annoyed a bit about that. With the last update, it has been fixed.

I did a few flights with the A320 and really enjoyed these ones. I had the feeling to be in a A320, I could see the landscape and clouds like they almost are in real life.

Being a computer programmer, I’ve considered all that should be behind it all; it’s really a great great job!

Sometimes we criticize on what is going wrong, forgetting what is going right. Don’t worry Asobo, that’s only because we want to enjoy the game at the max! :star_struck:



Hi @gilligan841. Thanks for taking the time to create this topic, I am sure the development team enjoys seeing feedback like this.

However, we have had similar topics in the past, and in the interest of not having duplicate threads, I will be closing this one.

I hope you continue to enjoy your time in the simulator.

p.s. I have altered your title slightly as we don’t want people refering to Asobo or Microsoft in topic titles.

Topic closed as duplicate.