Great patch so far ,appreciate your work but i have 2 critical bugs

1:A320 neo engine is shutting down for some reason while in the air
2:autopilot engages and disengages automatically

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please be polite in the comments and let them work with no rush,they made a great game

Isn’t yelling and insulting constructive feedback? :wink:

Hopefully they can push a hot fix if it is very common. Hopefully people are properly reporting any issues in Zendesk.

I just had a quick flight in the 182 and all went well. Well, the AP still sucks at tracking and the wind gusts seemed over done. My LSA aircraft that is half the weight of the Cessna it doesn’t bounce around that much in 12 knot winds. But at least I have 12 knot winds now.

I was wrong. The aircraft was probably bouncing around like it should be. The wind gusts are pretty strong compared to usual. The sim actually matched the YPPF conditions pretty well visually, on the ground and in the air. I’m impressed.

So if winds aren’t working everywhere well, now that I can see what the sim is capable of. It really is rather stunning and I’m sure they will continue to work out more of the kinks.