Great Simulator

I really am enjoying this new MFS2020. The graphics are so real. I have a Private Pilot’s License and this software is helping learn new equipment and will assist me in getting new endorsements. Great job to the crews that developed this software…! Eric (Sneeezy1)


Try out the Japan flight. I’m looking around with the drone cam during the flight it is really amazing what they’ve accomplished. 2 years ago i would have never thought this was possible on current day hardware.


Sounds great.

What new equipment are you learning?

Unless I’m mistaken, you find the fact that OP enjoys the sim humourous?

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Can you “control alt delete” when a real aircraft develops a fault?

If so The OP must be adding huge amounts to their practical experience :joy:


Cheers for the involuntary LOL. Needed that today…

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No I was laughing at the fact that an alleged pilot can use this game to learn new skills, especially as the essentials such as the navigation suites etc, engine management, scenery infidelity, weather systems etc don’t work properly.


Ah, my mistake. That I will agree with, the sim is definitely not up to study-level (yet)

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Where has the OP gone? Eric you should be here telling us more.

I smell fish :fish:

Probably off enjoying the game?

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I’m also a private pilot (well 10 hrs in the book)

Everyone’s a private pilot.

And Spartacus.

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It is amazing. I also never thought I’d see such graphic fidelity in a sim any time soon - especially with the current bunch of sims we had. Best of luck in continuing your pilot training!


So congratulations to your 10 hours. But seriously, don’t make fun of other pilots (maybe more experienced) - you personally need still learn a lot of things…

Hmmm i didn’t think I did that, people on this forum are here primarily in their capacity as simmers not pilots, and finally I offence was caused it was unintentional.

OK, so wish you the best then. :+1:t2:

Likewise. My default position!

I like :turtle:'s

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