Great update to GNS430/530!

It appears there isn’t a lot of interest in the 430/530 :blush:

From the (admittedly limited) testing I have done (essentially VFR flying as we don’t have 530s in the IFR planes in the RL clubs, only 650s) it all seems to work perfectly!
Colours, fonts, a slight lag in the fonts when turning the buttons, the startup screens, all very good!

Especially the OBS implementation, thank you for that! . I use that expensively in night flying since most VRPs are not in the DB (same as in RL) we use OBS very often together with a DME to identify when we’ve reached them
I have to test user waypoint creation next

Overall, well done!

I tried to shoot a RNAV approach this morning but the CDIs both indicated VLOC and the CDI button was not allowing me to switch between GPS & VLOC modes. I was able to successfully shoot the approach with AP Approach mode but the initial goal was to hand fly the approach. Is anyone else having this CDI (GPS vs VLOC) issue? I used the classic C172 for the flight. Thanks

I had to remove the PMS50 avionics from my community folder in order for the Working Title upgrade to take effect.

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Be careful here,

with cooperation on sim with PMS50, look at their page to solve this issue with WTT together functionality. I don’t use this together (without WTT GNS now only PMS50) but there is fix with description if you want have both at sim :wink:

Does anyone who has experience with the GNS430 know if it’s correct behavior for the GPS to enter suspend mode under the following circumstances?

I routed from my departure airport back to the same airport and selected a procedure from the list and activated it. It gave me a leg direct to the IAF I chose, which was active.

I decided to vector myself to intercept final just outside of the FAF, and I made the leg into the FAF active on the GPS for the RNAV approach. However, upon reaching the FAF, it was in suspend mode and did not continue sequencing down the approach. I’ve never experienced this IRL using any other GPS - is this normal?


I’ve encountered many problems with basic AP functionality as LEG activation and Suspend mode ON/OFF, really strange and confusing what to set in different sitiations. Again, this can be basic new WTT AP functionality, not GNS as is. AP system in sim has been changed, this is base thing. To my experience also DCT to DELETE option makes me confused because I can’t set some options if I don’t delete previous DCT to option. Yes, it’s perfect that WTT incorporate new AP functionality but on other side many new options are not clear how to use them :slight_smile: Real World manual in this case is our friend but better WTT can put some light to this.

All Garmin units will enter suspend once the MAP is the active leg (so generally upon reaching the FAF). Usually the MAP is the runway, but in cases where it isn’t you are intended to have transitioned to flying visually anyhow (these will be things like offset and circling approaches).

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I flew the RNAV Y 24 LPV into KCRQ, and upon reaching JABAL, it entered SUSP mode and the CDI did not provide LPV sensitivity - it froze in place. I had to recognize that it had entered suspend mode and press OBS to get it to resume giving me guidance after passing the FAF.

I can’t imagine that’s actually how the GPS functions right? You have to press the OBS button to turn off SUSP mode anytime you pass a FAF?

It’s sadly exactly how it works in RL, I felt like royalty when I transitioned to airliners and the missed approach leg auto-sequenced with a click of a TOGA button

The Garmin 430/530 has 2 HUGE gotchas that will cost a checkride ( or worse)

  1. The VLOC/GPS button on a ILS
  2. The SUSP button on a missed approach

I get that, but I’m talking about the FAF to the MAP, not the first leg of the missed approach. I don’t think it should get stuck in SUSP after leaving the FAF because that’s essentially where the approach begins right? Or do I still have that wrong?

The FAF is the Final Approach Fix. That would mean the FAF to the MAP is the last leg of the approach, not the first. Of course, if you’re flying a Vectors-To-Final approach, it may end up being both the last and the first.

Regardless, SUSP does not interrupt vertical or lateral guidance, it just means the system will not sequence to the next leg (which will be the missed approach) but instead stay on the FAF to MAP leg.

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What was happening is that it’d stay suspended going into the FAF, so the leg leaving the FAF to the MAP would never be activated, and vertical / lateral guidance would not work properly…

For example, on the ILS 24 at KCRQ, the leg from WUNUB to CIDRU would stay activated and would automatically suspend, and upon passing CIDRU the final approach segment would not activate.

This happens with the G1000 too.

And sorry, wrong way to phrase it. But it sounded like you were saying the first leg of the MAP rather than the leg into the FAF. Plus, not every approach only has a single leg from the FAF to the MAP - many have fixes in between that cover localizer step downs etc.

I’m not in the beta but I have a question about the update that hit the marketplace a week or two ago: The GPS/VLOC button on the 530 seems to default to whatever you last left it in but the NAV/GPS button on the panel above VOR1 seems to always default to NAV mode and so you have to press the NAV/GPS button twice to get things to sync up (assuming GPS/VLOC button was in GPS mode).
Is that the way it is in real life or is it a bug?
Flying the C172 btw.