Green Halo on Aircraft etc

Hopefully an easy one, a newbie here who has just got up and running this morning. Been scanning these forums for a while and it looks ace, and you guys have some serious knowledge and skill!

When I booted up I seem to have this green like halo around things, is there an easy way to fix this?

My Specs:
Ryzen 9 3900X,
64GB Kingston Hyper X Ram,
Gigabyte 1TB M2.NVMe,

Monitor - 32" Gigabyte 165Hz running at 2560x1440.

Thanks in advance.

Another example:


That’s chromatic aberration (or rather a simulation of it). I don’t know if it’s meant to be that strong though, weird.
You can turn it off by editing the config file (when the sim isn’t running).

Ah Brill, I’ll go check that out, thanks mate, I wasn’t sure what it would be called, hence the “Green Halo” thing :joy:

in the hangar, they have gone heavy on the chromatic aberration effects, if its not there when you’re out on a flight then all is probably fine and probably not worth tinkering with (depending on how long you spend in the hangar I guess,

Editing the config file worked a treat, took out the grain stuff as well, looking much better.