Ground Aircraft behavour AI update?

Is there any working being done on AI Traffic. One of the biggest issues is planes not clearing the runway quick enough and hence excessive flybys…

Yes, there is. It is item # 9 on the Wishes Feedback Snapshot.
It is scheduled for this year, but not in today’s update.

Yes and that’s FSX code that still lives. They know they need to rewrite that code to make things better, what worries me is that they are working on “tweaks” according to the update.
A big problem Asobo need to solve for proper AI on ground is the airport maps (taxi routes, paths etc) and parking positions, which are a complete mess.

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The airport “mess” is supposed to be solved by the “Scenery Gateway System” that is currently in development.
It will allow the community to edit the airport files to correct these issues.
It is Item 8 on the Wishes Feedback Snapshot, scheduled for release this year.


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