Ground ATC: talk slower and shorter

The ATC should talk a lot slower when reading the taxi instructions.

Also I believe ATC doesn’t say taxi via C5 C6 C7 C8 D9. It would probably say taxi via C D9. Also they add left or right to make clear in what direction you should turn so: ‘Taxi via C Left D9’.

I’ve been listening to JFK Ground ATC for some time now, and this seems to be how they do it.

And of course: ‘follow the company’ if they just gave the same instructions to an aircraft nearby. :slight_smile:

I agree with you but I just turn on the pilot assistance which put the arrows on the ground. I also let the co pilot do the driving while I press “insert” on the keyboard to activate the drone. This way I can look around from out side the plane.

It is still available to read at your own place on the radio comms page.

I use it myself as i cant keep up at larger airports, to me JFK sounds like: “Taxi via Charlie, Delta, Echo, Toaster, Banana, Cross runway 35L, Turn around, Cross 35L it again, Then go in a circle, Hold short of Runway 35L and tell me the 100 first digits of pi” :smiley:

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I know I can just read it, but I don’t like it that way.

I was listening to JFK yesterday and the ATC was talking more like: ‘Taxi to runway 31L via Charlie uh … Left uh D9, contact tower on…’. Very slow.

In comparison the in game ATC behaves like it’s in some kind of rap battle.


The taxi instructions by issuing a string of junction points is a legacy issue from previous versions of FS and never has been realistic, besides being annoying and unnecessary.
All that is needed is " Taxi to holding point runway XX …contact Tower on (frequency) when reaching". We use (or perhaps should use) Airport charts to find our way around on the ground these days and anyway detailed taxi instructions by turning points frequently do not conform with either the chart or the airport signage, or both. MS please keep ground ATC as brief as possible with minimal instructions. All the detailed information needed is available on the charts and a capable pilot can sort it out for themselves.