Ground crew guy lost his stick

Not sure if Sim Update 5 can be blamed for this as well :slight_smile:

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Tough times in the airline industry. Cutbacks?


I guess so. Lucky guy still got pants.

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Yep, another SU5-ism. I’ve seen this a few times already. I think it’s always the right stick.


Well, given the semiconductor shortage we’re in right now…


Better to have just one stick than having to hold the gravity-defying runway bridge in the back.


That one made me laugh. :slight_smile: That is one long jetway!

I’ve never seen a missing wand before. :thinking:

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It might be a magic wand, who knows :wink:


Maybe he’s not allowed to lift anything over 1 lb with his right arm?


I guess they need to increase the checked baggage fees again so he can two fist the wands.

His budget was cut so they could spend more money on programming? But, in reality, the cause lies in SU5 as the ground crews still has both of their lights as late as the evening before the update came out. Just one of the many things they broke while fixing other stuff…

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I think it’s because the Xbox only has one controller. Some of the competitor gaming systems have two controllers. It’s subliminal.


I think this is something to do with LOD. Because when you’re approaching the parking spot from a distance, you can clearly see the guy is holding two sticks, but as you get closer the higher LOD kicks in and for some reason, the right hand stick disappears.

I prefer my marshallers dual-wielding lightsabres.


See Ground crew guy lost his stick

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Yep only one parking baton here as well.

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i think it’s ok in day time, at night they must be take another one

Well yes, that one is kinda useless now. Got merged… and sure I want to search first, dear moderator, but try finding it… the ‘guy’ is called a ‘ramp marshall’.