Ground runways vs water runways compass issues - why different?

I have no issues when using a ‘ground based’ runway with my compass but it seems like most ‘water based’ runways (downloaded mods from almost always have the wrong compass headings. For example right now I’m using a RTMM Alaska water runway mod and my aircaft is facing 85 degrees E however my compass says I’m pointing 360 degrees due N. I’m guessing this is in the way the water runways were configured? Is there a way to fix this? I’m flying the Norseman at the moment and you can’t really change the compass heading. Any help is appreciated!

Sounds like something to ask the creator over at about.

Did you try pressing D to sync your compass heading?

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No…didn’t even know that was a thing. It worked! Thank you!

I guess it’s there because there’s often a heading discrepancy when loaded into the sim, and it can become a cheat in flight when compass drifts too much :grinning:

Meh, I don’t feel the need to simulate twisting a knob that much. I wait until I hear the baro and hit B, I hit D periodically too.

Yes I could check the compass and twist manually (well, via mouse) but just why?