Ground Services A310

Had a successful flight in the A310 last night and my destination was KPGD. It’s not a really big airport but there were some other scenery jets parked with stairs…no jetways at this airport.

My question is with regards to ground services. The only service I could get was the fuel truck. Nothing else was available to me. I do have the My Assistance Trucks addon loaded for Xbox. Is this something that Asobo has to work on to make ground services more available in these smaller airports? I figured for sure I’d get at least a set of stairs and baggage handlers.

What are the programmed rules with regards to availability of ground services? I have noticed that using the A310 without the world planner, I can access services at my destination, but I need to ask for them twice at the larger airports.

I happened to have MSFS open and I just checked the default KPDG airport in MSFS.

It appears that the only parking areas available at KPDG, in the default airport, are RAMP GA MEDIUM or RAMP GA SMALL.

One of the “quirks” of MSFS, with regards to airport services, is that for certain aircraft ground services to show up (pushback, baggage handling, stairs) then the correct type of parking/gate is required,. e.g. for something like the A310, I suspect a “HEAVY” ramp or gate is required to show most of the ground services, if that helps.

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OK. That makes sense. It’s dependent on the type of aircraft parking spot. The scenery that was generated at PGD would suggest the opposite, but that’s merely generated scenery.

The next question, which may be more difficult to answer, are there any airports that have HEAVY parking spots that do not have jetways? I’m sure there are many, but can anyone think of one that I can fly into?

The only parking spots that will have jetways are GATES. All other heavy parking spots will be served by stairs. I guess the world map (or littlenavmap) could be used to find such airports… on LNM hover cursor over the different parking spots and it pops up with a description read from MSFS, like PARKING/RAMP GA HEAVY

However, I just checked out Tamp Intl (KTPA) and surprisingly couldn’t find any Parking/Ramp/Gates that were HEAVY there!

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OK. Got it! :+1: Thanks for the help.

It isn’t all bad… KJAX has loads:

GA Large should also provide services, as shown at KJAX below

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Nice! OK, so I need to carefully check out what types of parking spaces are available at my destination!

Appreciate the help!

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