Ground services having too much time on their hands

One of the main immersion breakers for me is the fact that all the callable ground verhicles are just hanging around the parking spot forever without a care in the world. Since you don’t really need them if you don’t want to, I would far prefer if they sometimes took a minute getting to you.

What do you mean? IRL ground services will often be waiting for you on the ground when you arrive at big airports. I shouldn’t wait at all when I launch the game and call the fuel truck.

issue is known.
i sent a request to asobo to fire those over-motivated ground staff.

in real life, ground services are coordinated precisely with the arriving or departing airplane.
an no, i don’t need a push back truck dragging me across the landscape for my single engine prop.
asobo’s team has no experts telling them how things work in aviation or the capacitiy to design it from scratch, they just copy code from FSX and x-plane. Not sure why they didn’t hire an expert If they want it to be a sim and not a game.

what i don’t really see is whether they have a plan or whether they play lucky numbers gettting 3rd parties to solve it.

I thought so, but I realized I’d never read anything about it on here and couldn’t find anything by searching either.

they just copy code from FSX and x-plane

That’s just the thing. Even in plain vanilla X-Plane, the pushback truck takes its sweet time sometimes. From what I’ve seen looking out of the window at European airports over the years, there are often some of these vehicles waiting at the more remote parking spots upon arrival, while at the terminals where it’s busy all the time, there just seem to be a bunch of them around, going wherever they’re called. And baggage is always late for everything.

Not sure why they didn’t hire an expert If they want it to be a sim and not a game.

That seems to be mainly a Jörg Neumann/marketing thing. I did some guided fixing of the engine.cfg the other day and noticed Asobo’s comments calling it a “game.” :slight_smile:

Switch them off…

yep, switching it off (need to find that options slider still) is probably the best alternative until 3rd party comes with a dedicated ground service package. this may be asobo’s intention, current thing serves as placeholder only, a root data process that basicly showcases that trucks can move and link to the plane.
however, switching it off requires wide bodies to use reverse thrust to dock off :))))

Having said that, isn’t that push cart operator a really cool guy? His Oakley glasses, wow.
I wished they did better pilot models too, looking through the pilots library i feel like voting for democrats. How about a white blond female co-pilot? any chance?

When i start the engine on a single prop plane, the pushback guy is called by the co-pilot, then he drives into the propeller and disappears into the wing where only his head’s sticking out… :weary::sweat_smile:


I think “Maybe” after the last update, the Ground Staff at some airports, have gained some additional AI !!

Landing today, I see the a WISER Ground Staff Marshall, hiding behind a Steel Pillar, to protect herself from my Plane’s Prop. should I not brake in time !!!