Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

Thank you! I’ve no particular merit about this though, I’m French native speaking :crazy_face:

You never now whether they’ll do, fortune favours the bold! (qui ne tente rien n’a rien)


I meant data as in no data caps like in USA. You pay for connection and that’s it. I pay 15€ for 300mb/s up 300mb/s down and that’s it. The game uses too little data and streaming those low res ugly textures so i wish they would give an option for people with good connection to choose a higher quality texture streaming.

■■■■ that’s cheap. In Lithuania 300mb/s is 15€, 1gb/s 20€. But your upload is kinda slow :stuck_out_tongue:


data caps? if you mean a limit for data to download no, in Italy it’s all flat with no data limits

Yep thats what I was talking about. You have some providers over here in the states that will limit your monthly data to like 500GB or 1TB. Some may not have an issue with that but like in my house we usually have at least one TV streaming Netflix in 4K and both kids streaming YouTube. That data adds up quick then.

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Someone knows how to solve this bug?



I got it. Thank you! Dankeschön Kollege

For those who are on the FrizBox, please check this short one minute clip. No worries, the guy is german but he doesen´t talk. :wink:

This solved the dreaded Teredo issue for me.

Now I have to check ingame for possible improvements…

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How did you get yours fixed? Just the teredo stuff? My Teredo is fine and it still is all garbage textures :frowning:
I havent been able to enjoy any flights because it just feels incomplete for me like this. I hate it. Before Patch 1 it felt incredible being able to load up the sim and have all these amazing visuals at my disposal. Now it looks like ■■■■ just looking out the window.

Altitude 3500 ft. It gets 10x worse ever couple thousand feet. When I’m at FL200 it looks unbearable.

Buildings and trees load perfectly clear from high up. Ground does not. You can see that in the second picture I have attached. Look at the water tanks on bottom and the runway at top.


This is exactly how mine looks from anything above 1000 feet :frowning: I hate this. I want it back to Patch 1 visuals. How the hell do we fix this?? My teredo works fine. My internet is fine. I’m on all Ultra @ 1440P.

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No it is not meant this way. It broke after Patch 1. I have videos and screenshots as do others on here, clearly, that show what it should look like. Its an immense difference.

Be more thankful, I pay $70 a month for 50Mb/s in Australia!

Mine looks horrible, too :frowning:

Guess I will just wait for the Patch. Their Roadmaps have it listed as Under Investigation, so let’s hope they’ll fix it.

when comes the next patch?

Same problems at my side, all ultra, connection okay, bind data ON, etc. Teredo okay. All looks like melted post apocalypse buildings in areas with photogrametry, and ground textures are blurry . Before the patch everything was just beautifull.

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I dont know but we shouldn’t have to wait a month for each release for these immersion killing problems to be fixed, that should just be working from the get go :unamused: They should be pushing out hotfixes daily.


This is not you – it’s Asobo. We have the same issues with Chicago photogrammetry as well. It’s clearlgy broken.

I actually flew over this area that seemed to be loading properly. At least at medium quality. You can see the divide. As if it was manually cached. But it wasn’t just some random area over Texas. .But it was random because everywhere else, even areas that are touched up by Asobo look like the ultra low quality textures.

Open the photo to see. It looks normal when looked at small.

Look at this ■■■■. This ■■■■■■■ sucks. Is there any progress on this problem?

Same here. With the CTDs and this it’s incredibly frustrating. When the game doesn’t crash I’m flying over melted textures that may even look worse than OrbX and P3D.


As I’m quite absent and I’m also the topic author, I took some pictures of the high altitude flight FL310 with the TBM930 over the Switzerland.
Textures are blurry and worst than before.

Course I’m running everything in High/Ultra, with 1gbps connection.

You have a big problem, I can tell you that the game in ultra settings doesn’t look like this even at 38000ft