Ground textures are just plain ugly now

It is not the solution, I always play 170 scaling, and it looked beautiful before. Now it looks like a fsx game

+1 I was very excited and very surprised by MSFS2020. The graphic quality was impressive. Now it is another different simulator. There is no way back?

After the latest patch the sim looks aweful compared to it’s state before!

Here’s a pic taken after the patch

And here is a link where i have done a vfr over my city on release date

Umm idk if I want to mess around in the cfg file. Once the next patch gets here I think it will have issues with the file since I modified it ?

It will just get replaced, if it is updated. It won’t break anything, your changes will just get overwritten.

Are you sure?

I made changes to the G1000 instruments refresh rate, before Patch #3 was released. After the patch was installed, my changes were removed.

It doesn’t just replace the file, it downloads the entire archive, deletes the original, and unzips the new one in its place.

  • Yes, i played in Ultra settings 180Scaling textures, AA TAA everydays.

Now , the sim looks aweful compared to it’s state before. Horrible now.

they have changed colors, antialiasing, it has lost quality, it has lost textures, distance of objects.
etc etc

How much has Asobo paid you for saying that everything is the same?

You have not seen how it has changed visually?

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Madrid ultra settings, 170 scaling AA,TAA 1080p After the patch Japan


Every time I’m curious about an ignored post, and have a quick look, I am reminded of why I use that forum feature. :clap:

I agree that doesnt look good and there is clearly a problem there. I am just saying not everyone seems to be seeing that. Can you give me more details where you took that screenshot - from North/south/east/west of Madrid? I’ll post a screenshot of mine then.

Not everyone knows it because it doesn’t look like us. That’s the problem. Those we know and those we don’t know.

It’s just when you get up from the airport runway.

North of Madrid, I had never seen a simulator like this


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The simulator has changed color, anti-aliasing, object distance textures, everything,

is now different game.

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Where is this shot? When taking screenshots for this sort of thing, can we please use the drone, line it up in a replicatable way, provide date/time details and also weather details. Otherwise it is close to impossible do any kind of sensible comparison. In this hot, I;ve no idea what I;m suposed to be looking at. Zoom in where? Which particular ground texture?

Really, I’ve already covered this, with you, but here we go again with my pictures of Madrid.

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you have a bit Downgrade , i have photos madrid Before Patch @gordongreig

Then share them? I mean why don’t you? I’m very happy with my “downgraded” pictures of Madrid. Try posting some evidence rather than opinion please.

They are JPG files and it is not 1080p I was on screen; window mode

and u play more than 2k or 4k

it cannot be compared. But I know it looked better than yours

Convenient. Why don’t you post them and we can judge and take that into account? And just to confirm I play 2K ultra settings. You have provided no information about your setup, settings or anything. Just a !I know my pictures are better than yours". So guess what, I’m happy for you. I;m happy with my pictures now, which are clearly better than your screenshot above (I mean why don’t you even take a better screenshot using the drone from a place we can all recignise and replicate so we would be able to compare?)…mmm let me think - oh yes, that would provide evidence not opinon