Ground textures are just plain ugly now

I remind you, my screen resolution is not 1080p, it was lower, it was in windowed mode.


Ultra settings 170Scaling textures, AA,TAA windowsmode no 1080p

Ok, good. So now recreate these, after patch Japan and we can all see what the downgrade looks like on your setup. Thank you.

I have uninstalled the simulator, I refused to play and lost all reality.

Awesome. And we are having this conversation because…?

I mean you must be here just to cause trouble. Please leave and stop posting your ill informed propaganda. Please meet your friends on my mute list…


You realise textures are streamed? You need to make sure teredo is not blocked as in the picture it looks like you arent receiving streamed textures correctly

It doesn’t matter. He’s uninstalled the sim. What a waste of time.


ah i just see that, man this forum is something else. Never seen so many people crying rather than trying to help sort things

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Yep. Totally awesome

Teredo ? explain me about this.

here dont help

Well the post was on here but if you actually searched around instead of just posting constantly bashing you would of found it. Textures in the game are not only installed but majority streamed and can have issues if Teredo in windows gets blocked. Easiest way to check is run xbox networking tool and run a test. If its blocked this is your first issue of why your game looks like ■■■■. Also if need to make sure graphic settings have not been changes, data tab still has everything on and if you have an nvidia card that geoforce experience ahs not automatically optimized the game

OK thanks,
I have no geforce experience and the settings have not changed. I will look at what you said

I did that and I got it all right

moderate and connected

but thanks

i’d get moderate to open if possible, data tab all set to on in game or is it still uninstalled?

i have the simulator deleted because for me it was not real to fly like this

Thank you, just discovered this functionnality. Will help a lot to get rid of constant winning poster without proper informations, facts and correct tone.

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hi there ,
i had the same problems after i had to reinstall the game . i thought it was a fault of MS or my internet but it wasn’t … my graphics looked like they came from DCS , rolling green hills for mountains and octagon lakes , everything looked 2D (you get the picture) i went into my graphic setting within the game … GENERAL> DATA> go to bing data world graphics , and switch it on . Photogrammetry - on .

hope this helps .


This latest Nvidia update borked my settings in another popular video game.

helped me. wtf why i have this option set to off.

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same here my texture are very low with all sets on ultra wtf ? i have ultra rigs

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Make sure you have the correct full screen resolution set on your graphics card and also in the sim.
Update your graphics card as well with correct settings for 2020.