Ground Vehicles wrong size, wrong placement at gates. How to correct?

When I spawn at a gate with the A320 or B747, I get a small tug, which proceeds to lift the aircraft’s front wheel on top of the driver’s head. The baggage loader and tug positioned into each other and occasionally the catering truck is hitting a wing of aircraft. Very unrealistic.
Is any way to correct positioning of ground vehicles and selection of type and size ?

It depends on which gate type you use and at which airports too.

A320 can work with Ramp GA (Large), Gate (Small), and Gate (Medium). It can still work with Gate (Heavy) types but the position of the ground service vehicles and the jetway seems to be too far from the aircraft due to the large size of the parking space. You can also spawn on Ramp GA (Small) and Ramp GA (Medium) type. But you won’t have ground service vehicles spawned.

747 should only spawn into Gate (Heavy) only, on any other types of parking there could be a lot of positioning issues as you mentioned.

So make sure you select the correct gate/parking type from the drop-down menu when you start your flight.


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