Group Flight IN MP Servers (All Players USA EAST overloaded) since patch, alot of dropouts of late

For someone that’s hosted almost 60 events since August of 2020, I’m proud to say that flying in group on USA east server has been almost always AOK for our amazing group and all our events flying usually with 15-25 guys each event without issue.

But of late, (and I’m sure its caused by all the new demand for the UK WU3 etc, its gotten really bad, as in an 2 hr event last night, we lost all fliers MANY MANY times…no matter the server we tried!

And in the wake of MS & Asobo’s outstanding success and huge sales, can we ask that some SERVER UPGRADES or more server delivery can be offered as the sim grows? I do hope that MS can add more servers and more delivery soon esp. as the Xbox release approaches in summer, plz we need more server delivery for the demand and to support group flights in all players mode!

Thanks for reading MS & Asobo and please KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

From your friends at TFB Thank You!


Hard to fly in a group, when all your buddies “disappear” for 3-5 minutes at a time. Sometimes longer…

It’s odd that the group you’re flying with can disappear but not all flyers in the larger area do.

It is very aggravating to be bumped off about every 30 minutes without any explanation or message. I assume the servers are bumping people out to prevent overloading but who knows. It might even be due to a hardware or network problem within the server cluster,

It’s weird that servers send lots of map info flawlessly, but can be so flaky sending what must be pretty low bitrate information for nearby virtual planes. Maybe some kind of failsafe system would help, like slowing down the update rate when needed (and maybe interpolating at the client)? BTW, it would also be nice to show how far away other planes are, maybe by name plate size or a distance number.

Obviously major connectivity issues going on with the servers which needs to be rectified. The multiplayer servers have to remain connected and should not be unstable for a week or so after an update. Suspect the increased users combined with the heavy server demand with the WIII update last week seems to have resulted in packet loss every few minutes due to continue network congestion or network protocol issues All of this results in loss of stable connectivity for the end user. Please investigate for a resolve of these ongoing connectivity issues.

Flying with groups is one of the reasons why I enjoy MSFS so much. Not being able to see name tags removes much of this enjoyment, especially considering how much we have spent to enjoy this sim!

would like to thank the many suffering for posting as you can the see, the issue persists and needs to be looked at ASAP please

Plz - MS or a Community Manager please forward this query to someone that can look into this ASAP and helps us serve this sim as we have done serving many the best Group Flights and events we need it fixed for a positive future! As it adds a lot to many people’s experiences and we need more server delivery as this great a sim grows!

And please a HELLO to my friend Jorg at MS from your friends at TFB !



I love the sim, but it would be nice if people could get a flight in without losing everyone they’re flying with multiple times between takeoff and landing. Hopefully these issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

I often fly in multiplayer groups, and as of late, there hasn’t been one time lately when somebody hasn’t been bumped off the server. It has gotten so bad lately that players are resorting to trying to use the SE Asia server with a ping of 250+sec ping when we thing demand is low due to time differences. It hasn’t worked much better if at all. Please fix!!!

WE kindly ask OTHER GROUPS also to join in, and upvote or add to this thread PLZ, as clearly were not the only one’s suffering from this continued issue as all groups are hoping for better server delivery asap MS ! GROUP FLIGHT IS HUGE with some popular groups MS we need your support on this issue and please I hope someone is looking into this, thank you!


2/28/21 MS & ASOBO

This server issue PERSISTS, with last nite many of us (18 fliers) ‘popping in and out’ using USA EAST


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I can confirm this (or something similar) is happening. All players for east USA servers will disappear sometimes, or they will never show up. That doesn’t seem to happen with other servers.

It’s happened for me only since the latest world update patch.

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Thnx Sky

For adding to the thread and I hope you added a vote? And I do wish the other groups chime in, as its clear they are affected too. WE do need more server delivery for the sim in its current state of popularity MS for group flight!

THNX :slight_smile:


Same problem here-been flying with my dad nightly and loving it-now don’t see each other despite server hopping.

Er, and just to check - we’re doing the built in bush trips, and it has worked in the past, so I know it can work, but does it matter whether we use Live, All, or group mode for multiplayer in bush trips? I think it was working in All mode.

Love the sim and thank you MS / Asobo, but really want the MP back!


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The servers are still dropping us all in group flights, no matter the server chosen and too often and enough to frustrate many of our members trying to enjoy the sim!

This issue, means the sim is ‘not working as advertised’ so please we need this fixed !


I heard that hitting Esc then going to the Data menu > toggling the multiplayer functionality off > saving it > wait for the loading icon to do it’s thing > reenabling MP again > save and return to game fixes it.

Noticed this issue several times during the Spitfire “Four Flight Sim Streamers” community group flight event. Voted.

NO sorry not a fix…nor does it work sorrily…

They need to fix this issue, simply that

10/10/21 Issue still persists.