Group Flight & Podcast Italy & France: [LIMG Albenga to LFML Marseille]

Join us on our adventure through the skies as Far Isle Pilot and Flying Cookie discuss varied topics, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator, its updates, intricacies and mysteries. Add a layer of technology and aviation enthusiasm to have an enjoyable group flight over scenic destinations.
Join us each Thursday at 2300UTC (7PM eastern daylight time) on the official discord in the Events voice channel.

This week, we are visiting the warm coast of Italy and France [LIMG - LFML]
Download the flight plan:

Multiplayer Info:
US East Region Server
All Players
Traffic - At your discretion
Weather - At your discretion - We are doing it in the early morning light ~ 7:30AM Local Time
Join us in an Icon A5 or similar aircraft

We will also stream the flight on twitch at
Catch up on our other podcast episodes:

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The Google Drive link (for the flight plan) says we need access. Is that normally setup that way?

Thanks for letting me know, im fixing this right now
EDIT: Should be accessible now, sorry bout that

No worries.
Thanks :+1:t2:

No discord voice chat?

you can join the podcast channel in the event section, we’ll be there soon

You mean the twitch link? I didn’t know one could voice chat with it. I thought only the host could.

I think I’m in the right place at yes?

we’ll be there and on the discord as well

Where’s the discord link?

has this started yet?

Discord link:
Yes it has started

Very nice flight… beautiful scenery. Thanks so much! :smile:

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