Group Flights and Contests


Hello there,

If you’re looking for a Discord group designed around anti-drama, you should check us out. We are in the beginning stages, but plan to try to keep an engaged community. One of our main things is respect. We want to build a community for laid back enthusiasts of any style.

We are already a Level 3 server, and plan to maintain that. We’re doing this from the start and we currently have about 15. Contests are coming soon. The server is getting updated daily, with simplicity and lack of clutter in mind. Our goal is to spend time with each other flying more so than on Discord.

Our current name has no appeal or meaning, but once our banner and logos are done, we’ll update the name, as well as the permanent invite link. PC players will have an option to download our group livery if they wish, at no charge obviously.

If any of this sounds appealing, check us out!

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Sounds good, will you be posting your group flight dates in the forum calendar?
And is it more GA or jet focused?

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