Grumman AA-5 aircraft

This looks nice… hopefully state saving?! and engine damage?!

State saving, oil consumption, engine components wear and failure is already implemented. The engine components data and oil quantity is also saved. This data is loaded when the aircraft is loaded by the simulator.


This is the one I learnt to fly in
You are making me excited to get this…

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Wow! I am impressed. This will be fun! Any rough timeline for release?

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will it have an autopilot ?

The AA5-B that I flew had a very basic autopilot, i.e. altitude and heading hold. But I hardly ever used it as the aircraft was very easy to trim out and stable in cruise, although it was quite amenable to “being chucked about” too.


I am soooo excited for this plane!
I remember them being marketed from an aisle kiosk in my local mall back in the early 70’s, and I loved it (I think I was 9 at the time?), that sliding canopy, the lines, one of my favorite GA planes. I might still have some of the old marketing materials from back then somewhere. And there’s a slight chance I might be buying a share of one soon!

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we’ve got a Tomahawk, and soon this Grumman AA-5, now if we can just get someone to make a nice Mooney Mite we’ll have the trifecta of low wing little wonders of aviation

What we NEED in this sim are properly modeled 200+ piston singles.

What we DON’T need are 120KT putt-putt pistons where you can smell the fuel fumes and a little bit of old seat padding mildew just looking at it.

But holy cripes I love every one of the well done Sunday frumpy dumps and I purchase every single one of them. This is what buttkickers and head tracking are made for, buzzing 'round and looking at stuff and stopping at local small fields to hang out. With all the new scenery all around where I reside, I cant wait for this! Gotta love a plane that was so ‘cool’ to a kid in the 70’s/80’s, candy bar wings be ■■■■■■. Going to be an instant favorite like the Archer II with the wheel pants removed.

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What we need is this livery


All i need is a study level Steam gauge Lancair… that is what I want. A high performance single, with all the stuff modelled. We don’t have that, sadly. SWS RV8 should be nice though. Although no system modelling.

Came here looking for an Ag Cat update and found this topic. Two memories of the AA5.

First: Went to Zuehl field to check out in an AA5 with my former flight instructor. I was late so he took off with a student. The aircraft was seen to pull up sharply, stalling at the end of the field at an altitude of about 150 feet. It crashed and burned, leaving a huge, greasy spot all over the frontage road into the field. It was still there last time I visited Zuehl. I was the only pilot who ever had his ticket signed off by this instructor.

Second: A flight I took out of Stinson Field with a friend who got airsick and vomited all over the inside of the rental that I had to clean. Don’t think I’ll be simming in the AA5 anytime soon.

Outside of that I have a certain fondness for Grummans that can fly through brick walls and come out the other side.
I own a Goose, Widgeon, Mallard, Ag cat, F9F “Panther”, Hellcat, Wildcat and F3f, all for much less than a tank of avgas for a J-3. I own two of those as well.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would I would own and fly so many different airplanes. Never thought I would spray a field again or haul cargo around the Caribbean cargo routes in the C-45 and C-47. Never thought I would fly a high performance sailplane again. An unparalleled joy aloft. I have relived these experiences, but have now had so many more experiences as well in so many different locations at different times around the world.

Never thought I would fly the CBI “Hump” in a C46 and C47 or a troop glider in Britain during WWII. Never thought I would have the chance to fly and fight as von Richthofen’s wingman in WWI or fly the airmail routes of the thirties in the US and France. So many other incredible experiences as well in aircraft I always wanted to fly but never had the opportunity to fly.

Today simming is flying as I always dreamed it would be in my boyhood, but never was in reality. It’s all due to virtual reality or “VR” that puts me in the cockpit. Today I sprayed my first field in more than forty years. I had tried this years ago in FSX, but I could not make a proper ag turn and come out aligned for the next pass.

With VR it was just like it had always been when I was there in the early eighties. It was like climbing back on a bicycle. Every turn came out aligned thirteen steps over from the last. Unfortunately, the VR version of the Cat isn’t nearly as nice as the old FSX version with its update. Which is why I came here in the first place hoping to find an update for my old MSFS2020 Ag cat.

Blue skies, calm winds and sufficient altitude.

The Flyingwrench


Backing up photos today onto my removeable drive.
As you do look thought what is on there and come across these gems of times been in the passenger seat taking photos of the formations we use to do for ANZAC day and Battle of Britain day, 2nd Last one is our local Tiger Moth back of the Dimond formation.
The a Pair of AA-5 in a Formation Comp at RNZAC Nationals out of NZGS

All from Early 2000s or as I call them the Good old days, As I was young and my friends all still where learning to Fly so most weekends where at the Aeroclub.
Then they moved away I got a Family and life moves on, now I can Sim fly.
Soon in an AA-5 again :wink:

Formation flight
Image (15)(131)


Image (15)(141)


Also Found these 2 pics from FS9 days


Totally looking forward to a Tiger release. I too, had my first piloting experience in one of these. Looks like the developer is doing a great job.

A friend of mine has a Gruman tiger, but it has a G1000. Will this be an option?