Grumman Goose A 21 in progress

This is your first effort? It’s gorgeous.
I hope when the time comes you offer an authentic US Navy and beautiful French Aeronavale (also users) livery for it.
My wallet is already out- :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
PS- I hope that big white square on the right is is not a GPS. A beautiful vintage bird such as this deserves a full complement of steam gauges, at least as an option- :slight_smile:


Oh, wonderfull! I really need this to continue my Flying Boat World Tour. Its a bit limited range-wise to do it with the Icon A5.

Keep it up, can’t wait to try this baby out.

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Thank you very much for doing this! I’ve always wanted to fly this thing.

This is great! One of the greatest planes! How complex will it be modeled?

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Greetings) I want to make the most detailed model, pleasing to the eyes and functional. I do it alone, so the release may be delayed. I would not refuse the help of knowledgeable people) I myself cannot wait to raise this miracle into the air :small_airplane:


@LowelNelson It seems OzWookie is also working on a Goose. Maybe you can work together?


@LowelNelson nice work my friend. I think we should talk :smiley:


when your ready Lowel, Ill be glad to help with the fde


Amazing job! but please ditch that awful, AWFUL G1000 :smiley:


hahahaha Steam Gauges all the way!!! <3


Oh I hate those :joy:. They are so uncomfortable, I’m happy with my Bose A20 :innocent:

I love my DC’s… they’re very comfortable for me. Unfortunately, they are so old the connectors are spotty on connection and I got caught unable to contact Boston Center for a while to land in Class C Manchester a couple of weeks ago. Buying an unused Bose A20 this week from a friend. Then I’ll replace the connectors and have a pair for passengers.

how do you think of transferring the blender model to simulation ?

Looks very nice so far.