GSX (Ground Services) release soon - A hint in their updater

Today when I went to update my gsx for prepar3d, it opened this window (a different window than the one it used to open for updating) which has a sentence on the bottom left: “MSFS community folder”.
I haven’t heard anything about a GSX release for MSFS yet, just that it’s in development. Do you know something? could It be a clue of a soon release?


FSDT tend to release their products as a complete suprise… so I guess it could be at any time.

That’s very interesting. I was losing hope that GSX would not release in MSFS due to SDK limitations, but hopefully I’m proven wrong.
I know a update to Toolbar Pushback will be released soon, including new features like pre planned pushbacks. So this will more than suffice for the moment

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FSDreamTeam GSX preview


Amazing! Great to see the same menu style system as in P3D being used.

Video uploaded March 11th 2022… great! It’s coming…

Can’t wait to accidentally warp to the gate! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The trailer makes the connection to the front gear look easy, operator got it in one try, unlike the ones currently operating the tugs. :laughing: