GSX Pro - SSD upgrade - links seem malformed?

Hi guys - I had MSFS installed on a M.2 500GB and just imaged it, and transferred it to a 1TB M.2. I had to reinstall MSFS over its current install but its working fine with my bloated Community folder :slight_smile:

But trying to get GSX Pro to work, I get an error on loading into any aiport:


And my GSP Pro log file has:


I assume they look malformed? Unsure, but I’ve uninstalled/resintalled til the cows come home - and get the same issue - any advice?

Ufff… Moving data that way can cause the symlinks to be broken. This is not the best option… Most likely this is what happened to the GSX ones and be advised that this could also happen to other addons that have created symlinks on the Community folder. They are installed at Community to the eyes of the game but the original files are indeed located elsewhere. In the case of GSX they are located where the Addon Manager was installed. Try the following:

  • Using FSDT Installer select to uninstall GSX and also select unlink (the left most option)
  • I would suggest to uninstall also the FSDreamTeam universal installer
  • Install again using the universal installer (this will create new symlinks when you select to install GSX)
  • Check that the new symlinks are placed on your Community folder. You should have two starting with “fsdreamteam-gsx”

I would suggest that you check any other symlinks you may have on the Community folder, just in case. They are the folders with a small arrow at the start of their names. If you get an error when double clicking on the links then they are broken and you need to delete that link and install that addon again.


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