GTN 750/Just Flight Piper Arrow Question

How do I install the GTN 750 in the Piper Arrow. I have downloaded it and put it in my community folder but it doesn’t show up in the EFB on the Arrow. Do I have to install it somewhere else? Thanks

Probably also base package you need download and add to your directory, check pms page.

It installs the base package in the community folder.


hmmm to my Seneca i need set 2 packages- base and WTT f.ex to Seneca specific.

That’s what I was thinking but I don’t know where to find the file specific to the Piper Arrow … hmmm

Just open the EFB, I think it’s on 1. Page. Not at my PC atm
Quite sure, someone could post a screenshot.

Maybe turn on this feature with inbuilt tablet?

The EFB is on, the GTN 750 is not an option under GPS

And is option to turn it on,

inside upper bar, on left side is icon, but only as optional window, it loads after while.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion as this references a third party aircraft and non-stock GTN750.