GTN750 Project

Deleted and reinstalled current airac, problem solved. Many thanks for you responses and help.

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I get VATSIM traffic on your 530 mod. Haven’t seen any yet in the one 750 flight I’ve done recently but I’d tend to assume it will show up there as well.

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I search a gtn750 plugin for the kodiak aircraft. msfs2020

the kodiak have a g1000 and i want to take the gtn750 Mod.

Pls give me a Info what i must change in the Panel. cfg


In the panel.cfg file replace the line:


With the following:


Be sure to have the GTN750 package installed and the G1000 Nxi NOT INSTALLED. Restart the sim.


Can you make some screenshots how does it look like? The Garmin 750 has a weather radar which is especially interesting and important when bushflying through tropical thunderstorms, is the weather radar fully functional?

The weather radar is currently broken in the sim since SU7. We have to wait for Asobo to fix that. This is not specific to the GTN750.
See Weather radar still broken

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Baaaah… :face_with_monocle: this eternal weather radar problem ongoing for two years now drives me crazy, and the instrumentation of the precious Aerosoft CRJ700 can also not be finished because of having no weather radar…

The only Carenado Seneca has it´s own fully functional weather radar with zero problems whatsoever since release no matter how many SU updates come and go… (but I can´t tell 100% if there never was any problem because I have only bought the Carenado Mooney M20 but the Seneca not yet, but I have never seen any problem or bug threads related to the Seneca).

I think the weather radar is also broken on the Seneca since SU7. It uses the sim weather radar.

its working great thx

I just got the answer from Asobo that the weather radar issue is fixed and should be available in the next update (probably SU8). So great news.


How do you move and resize the gauge? I am not able to do either one.

I you mean the toolbar panel, just see the documentation. You will get the answer.

The engine gauges don’t work properly as an in-panel gauge e. g. NG stops climbing at about 10 percent although startup continues OK. The toolbar version works perfectly.

What do you mean exactly? The GTN750 doesn’t do anything with engine gauges. This is not part of the GNT750 code.

I realise that but somehow if you replace the stock G1000 with either the GTN750 or the WT G1000 the kodiak gauges are affected. They only work normally with the stock G1000, nxi or the toolbar gtn750(which I prefer anyway)

SO, if it is an Issue with BOTH the GTN750 “and” the WT G1000, then maybe its not specific to the GTN750.

Make sure, if using the GTN750, you do not have the WT G1000 even installed on your PC ??



  • Group and checklist names are now limited to 30 characters.
  • Added the checklists page in the map fields options.
  • Added a checklist remote repository (import from PMS50).
  • Importing a checklist now updates it in all the cockpit’s GPS (650, 750 or Panel).

Does the 750 know a different import.json file for different AC. If I have a .json for the PA28 and one for the PA28 turbo do I name them Import.json?

The checklists are saved in the sim after import. Saving is made by aircraft ATC name so the GTN750 is able to distinguish saved checklists following the aircraft.
The import.json file is used for importation only. The import process than saves the checklists to the sim. After that, the GTN750 uses the saved checklists.
Unfortunatly PA28 and PA28 turbo have exactly the same ATC name (ARROW) so it’s not possible to distinguish their checklists. If you have different checklists for these aircrafts, you must copy the one you want to use as import.json and import it when flying the corresponding aircraft.
The best is to have a common checklists for all the ARROWs (maybe use different groups) so you will have to do the import only one time.

Well explained. Thank You I will keep puggin…