GTN750 Project

I tried out the 750 Premium with the Arrow yesterday, before the WASM hotfix was pushed, and it worked great.

When I installed the hotfix this morning, I did due diligence, and renamed my Community folder. After it booted once, and worked, I then moved my addons into the new, empty Community folder.

The 750 reported that it needed to be re-activated, so I retyped my license, and I got this message when I tried to activate it:

Screenshot 2021-04-17 121739

I double checked my license code, and it does appear to be correct. So I assume its the site. Has the site changed between patches, and the check would show my license having already been used, so it thinks this is a stolen copy perhaps?

Maybe I should have extracted a fresh copy, not move the previously activated copy?

You should get the answer and the way to proceed in the GTN750 documentation.

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By the way, this is a myth that this is required :slight_smile:
Just update the sim as usual and restart. It’s only if you face issues you should try to selectively remove/add mods.

Also I recommend the AddonLinker. I earlier thought I don’t need it, but it makes things SO much easier…

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True, I never used to do it, and never had issues with that method. Some users started reporting having to download large parts of the sim all over again, and anecdotally this was the reason. I never had that either. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Was flying the RNAV33 to KRME just now, I got the glideslope on the NAV1 in the JF Arrow right now and the localizer on the HSI. So it was split between two instruments. The approach also didn’t activate properly, but that may have been my fault. Just a heads up about the localizer/glide slope.

In their defense, the way the question was worded didn’t make a whole lot of sense. If they weren’t aware of the issue that ATIS ALWAYS reports 3 layers of clouds, even if there aren’t actually three layers of clouds, how could they understand the question the way it was worded?

Either way, I bet this is news to them (though it should be obvious if they ever actually use the game).

We are so SPOILT, having a Developer like @ScorpionFilm422 developing, managing, and communicating with us. It really is a “Different World” to that of the Main Sim Product.

The only thing better might be if @ScorpionFilm422 had a Brother, working at Asobo !!


@Coppersens, mine has been pretty consistently right, at least when I’m flying around my home area where I know what the weather is. The other night it showed rain when it wasn’t raining, but the ATIS was almost an hour old, and it was raining when it was issued. Or do you know something that I don’t? (No smartassery intended at all, it’s a legit question…)

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Well as soon as, you don’t have three layers og clouds, it is wrong. Also it often tells me wrong wind while actually the sim renders quite accurate wind according to METAR.

But this is the wrong thread to discuss, feel free to read the following threads with many examples of what is wrong with ATIS:

Coming soon


Thats so cool!
By now I am more excited for your updates than that of the sim itself :smiley:


Despite the AVWX token, the wind indicator does not seem to be working. I did note that this only works with actual weather.
And with Unreal Wheather ??
Very well the charts.
Thanks for the good job.

The wind works fine with all weathers. Now there is a small issue since the last MSFS update that prevents the wind arrow to be displayed. I will fix that.


Just wanted to drop by and give my thanks for a great mod.

I do have a question. Is it possible to enter Lat Long coordinates as enroute waypoints?

OK, That’s It – time to start flying a plane with the GTN750 … TOO GOOD to not fly one now !!


Unfortunately, Asobo do not expose functions to manage user waypoints from coordinates.
We have to wait for this functionality.

Just wanted to say, thank you for this awesome mod and all your hard work @ScorpionFilm422! You really are doing the MSFS community a great service. Love your GNS mod as well !


it will be to the premium version?

Yes and requires a Navigraph subscription.

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Is Asobo being made aware that this functionality is missing and is needed.

I am sure they are aware of the GNS530 MOD – and the newer GTN750, and who is the developer, so request to add the missing functionality might have more weight comming form you – but not to say that we ALL should not be hitting ZenDesk with these needed functions.

The trouble is, many of us are unable to define these missing function in the correct consistent way.

Maybe, in the DOC, there could be a list of “Missing SFK functions”, that we can base our ZenDesk request on, written in a suitably technical way, that it is 100% clear what is needed when (if) presented to the Asobo Devs.