GTN750 Project

Yes that is what makes it so confusing but so far I haven’t had a CTD when I am just using the GNS530/GNS430 with the GTN750 basic and premium still installed. I will need more time to confirm that. If that remains true then it must be related to running with the the GTN750 somehow. The fact that the CTD events are so random make it so difficult to pin down.

I suspect the 530 at this point, but as I say I have further testing to do. I currently have around 10-12 hours in the Arrow without be either mod installed, and that would have been literally impossible for me before.

Perhaps instead of a number of days I’ll get to say 20 hours flight time without any crashes, then put the 750 in on its own, and see how long I last then.

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Not sure the problem is linked to one or the other GPS. For me the GTN code is very robust. THere is always a possibilty of a bug but I think it’s ok here.
Maybe the problem comes to the fact that the arrow allows switching between 2 or more GPS. I don’t know how they made it but I know there is an important Asobo bug that produces a CTD when more that 4 maps are used in a single airplane. If you have the possibility to switch between 2 or more GPS, that means you mutltiply the map and may be you can reach the maximum of 4 (GTN use 2 maps, GNS503 2 also).
You can also try to run only the basic version or to disable the traffic data and messaging from the GTN750 option menu.
Finaly don’t overboost your GPU.
Read the following article about CTDs in MSFS:

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I put it in the Community folder like I do all other mods

That’s possible. I have flown the Arrow almost exclusively since release, and the 530 mod with it. Then played around with the Premium 750, with both mods installed.

When I hit 20 hours without crashes I’ll put the 750 back in again. I was getting at least one crash a day, so roughly 1 in 3 flights resulted in crash, so I’ll know what’s causing it.

Then perhaps test the 750 in any other plane, and retest for a few days.

Have you checked the folder though? If the developer ships the mod, with the mod inside a folder inside the ZIP, and you extract that outer folder, it won’t load.

What’s the name of the folder you have?

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Good suggestions. I guess, I will have to fly the Arrow a bunch to get to the bottom of this. First would be to remove the GTN750 and just fly with a straight 530 (with the mod)… Cause I just now upgraded to the Premium 750 and I DID have a couple of crashes with the previous versions of 750… so running Basic isn’t it. (I started using 750 when the Arrow update came out and allowed integration, so I have no experience with it in other planes). Disabling traffic and messaging might be an idea but I need to see if I get any crashes with just the 530. Cause if that’s stable, it’s FOR SURE the 750.

Basic version working great and as expected.

Premium version I’m getting a blank gray display. I’ve followed the directions in the install documentation so I’m not sure what could be happening. Any ideas?

OK, so I have begun some testing. Flew a short flight from Tallinn to Helsinki. With GNS530 only (mod)… No 750 enabled. No issues so far. Smooth. Will do 4 more flights with just GNS530 and if no crashes then, I will re-enable the Basic version and will try flying with GTN again. That’s my strategy.

You need to install JF Arrow 0.4.0a in order to use the 750. Download the updated installer from JF website.

This may have been asked before but if I pop this screen out and drag it to a touch screen will touch work?

For me, that would have been rare, but possible. That’s why I’m testing over a longer period. I flew another 1:48 flight last night with no mods, and no crashes. I’m pretty close to 5 days, and 20 hours without crashes now, which would have been impossible before.

Have you checked, that your Piper PA28 is version 04.x.?

Looking in the PA-28’s manifest.json, don’t you mean

"Package Version" = "0.4.0"

which I believe at the date I am typing this 4/29/2021, is the latest version.
(and does support the GTN750)

BTW: CTD for me yesterday about 50% way through flight from KDCA - KBOS. (real weather)
Flight was on AP, and I was not actually at the PC when it did the CTD, so I was not changing anything.

PA-28 or GTN750 the cause – cannot tell at this time (but I suspect the PA-28, as @ScorpionFilm422 code, from past experience seem to be pretty robust).
Don’t have that same good feeling about the PA-28 :frowning:

I have not checked yet

My comment was more directed to GossamerNose22.

But regarding PA28 I could 100% replicate CTD´s with 0.4.0 and Developer Mode on. But these CTD´s occur on Load Up already. But maybe you should be sure to turn off Dev mode and look if that is the reason in your case too.


Doing another test flight now – PA-28 + GTN750.

Chose to keep DEV Mode on for this test, but instead turn off ASOBO “LIVE WEATHER”, and instead, have the weather updating with current Metars. (MP on - East Coast).
Still have ASOBO ATC chattering away.

Since this is the Mode I would chose to fly in, I may as well determine if that mode gives me CTDs.
If it does NOT— I will be happy and content to leave things as they are.

I hour in . USA East Coast to West Coast - OK so far-- same FPS as when I departed KDCA to KSEA

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Suspecting PA-28 just because Scorpion does good work isn’t really based on evidence though. No one is questioning that this cat is a rock star. But any product can have a bug hiding, and I think he will be the first to admit it.

So far, 2 flights in on 530 and no crashes. I am a little limited until I get out of Nordic territory on my world tour cause PA-28 doesn’t have any de-icing, but later today I should be back towards the Carribean and I will continue to test. If I get no crashes with 530 continuously, I will try the 750 again. I think it’s the only way to figure this out. I don’t want to change ANY other variables per scientific method. Leaving everything exactly the same except for the avionics package. So - not changing weather, ATC, etc.


Then same flight plan, same start time & date, and same Clear skies… and no ATC.

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