GTN750 Project

You’re right - changing the flight plan DOES introduce another variable. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am patient enough to fly the same flight plan 10 times. :wink: I will try to see if I can produce a crash otherwise. But yeah, good point.

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My plan is to do a very long flight with a saved FP, (ie East to west coast), with as much turned off as possible, and to get a baseline, of hopefully NO CTD 100% of the time.

Then start adding back items like ATC, real weather, etc, to see if one specifically of those cause the issue.

Thank GOD for AP … set it and forget it while I work, and see what has happened when I get off work. - (and what any Crashdump looks like)

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FWIW I use the Arrow too and (since the update) the GTN750 Premium and haven’t had a single CTD caused by either of them.

I play with Live Weather, Live Traffic, VATSIM too, so am not sure the blame lies there.

Don’t you just love PC’s? :laughing:


Great work so far!

I tried this mod with the G1000 172, but for some reason I cannot see the yellow aircraft position on any Chart. The Chart appears, but no yellow plane no matter what I do.

Am I doing something wrong?

Du you have the most recent version? Follow Plane Mode requires at least 1.0.12 I believe.

It will, but… Windows touchscreens seem not too well implemented and mine needs double clicks and all sorts to get it to work reliably. However, if you have an old or available tablet and use a free app like Spacedesk, you can pop out to that and have a great experience and in all probability a far better display too. For me, this is like a real GTN should feel.

5 Hours and still flying. Occasional, I go through most of the GTN750 functions, as fast as I can), and everything keeps running fine. Even Metars and Charts continue to work without failure … looks like I may make it to Seattle tonight … (with an occasional x4 – which still does not cause any issues !!)

Exactly what I do. I’ve had a crash or two but nothing seemingly ongoing. I’m not too worried about it. Going to try the pop out with spacedesk next. If that works I’m going to be so unbelievably psyched.

I’m crashing to desktop every time I open the traffic page. Four times in a row at KBED in the JF Arrow.

Well, all good things must come to and end, including this flight… after about 10 hours – CTD.

Dump analysis indicated exactly the same cause as the CTD the day before, and within 5 minutes of being at the same time.

Seems a very strange coincidence, that after a 9 hour flight, I get a CTD within 5 minutes of the one the previous day, and with an almost identical crash dump report.

At the time of both CTDs, I was not actively controlling anything in the plane, and was in a very different location.

Was it the “0xc0000005” one?

A CTD and particularily the 0x05 code means a problem in the kernel code.
As A C++ programmer I can tell you that this kind of error occurs because you try to manipulate some memory that is is not reserved to you. For example you reserve 10 characters for a string but you write a string that is 15 characters long.
This occurs in C++ programs where you have to manage yourself the memory. In a java or javascript code, memory is automatically managed so you should never have this kind of error.
In our environment, the html gauges use javascript so the code itself will not result in a CTD directly.
In the javascript code, you send orders to the sim kernel so the kernel executes the order. If there is a memory issue in the corresponding kernel code, you will get a kernel CTD.
Anyway, only Asobo could solve these CTDs. Now they will not be able to do that if they can’t reproduce the issue. That’s why it’s very important to try to get a reproductible scenario and to be very precise in its description. The help of the community is important here.
The kernel is probably a very complex code and having such issues is something “normal” for a young code. Probably, they will fix all that with the time.
Many people think that the GPS or any other Gauge is responsible of a CTD. THis is because the GPS (written ni javascript) is the main interface to the kernel and some combinations may result to a kernel CTD. Our job here, including mine, is to try to find the sequence that results to a CTD. Not so easy but we already got some.
After that, we have to transmit the issue with the reproductible scenario to Asobo.
That’s another story here…


I’ve been flying the GTN 750 on the C208 gran caravan for 15 days now. Updates made as and when. At the rate of 2 to 3 hours of flight per day, no problem, so far.

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This was why I suspect the 530, and not the 750. I was getting regular crashes with only the 530 installed. I then added the 750, but left both mods installed, and also had the crashes. When I removed both mods, the crashes stopped.

I’m having some hardware issues right now, so can’t really participate until late next week, with any luck, but I had accumulated about 17 hours without a crash till that point which is unheard of for me.

Thank you for all of the work you have done on the mod and the detailed description of the CTDs.

Can anyone please try disabling the ingame VFR map, if that stops your CTDs?
I never had any CTD with PA28 and 750. If have ingame VFR Map disabled and no other Map addons.

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I was flying with the VFR map, and neither mod, an no crashes. You think there is an interaction between the two?

The problem with this issue it is extremely random. You’d can’t put it into a situation and declare it is fixed because it doesn’t crash. I’ve had crashes twice in 5 minutes while taxiing, and I’ve had it crash over an hour into a flight.

It’s next to impossible to create a scenario where you know it will crash. All I know is that without the mods my sim is stable.

Hopefully I’ll get some replacement hardware next week so I can fly again, but as I said before:, with roughly 17 hours, and no crashes that is all the evidence I need at this time. But further testing is needed, and I was hoping to get to 20 hours, then test each mod isolation. I have never used the 750 on its own, for example.

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I can see that in the Crash Dump analysis, but with the non-debug executables, its not easy for me, as a user, to identify where the issue actually is.
IF ASOBO were sent minidumps of CTS events, would they be able to tell where the issue was, or would they have to have the CTD occur on one of their Dev systems ?


On another subject, could you add the Seneca V to your compatible aircraft list please?

Another LONG coast to coast test flight set up this morning, same FP as the one that did a CTD yesterday.

This time NO INTERNET., restarted MSFS after turning off ONLINE Network connections.

Strange feeling – No Big Brother watching !!! Its not too bad without streaming scenery !!!
So lets see if no outside interaction, reduces / stops the occasional CTD. ?

If I were a betting man, I would say NO ATC, no MP Traffic, no real time scenery updates – might eliminate the CTDs ??