GTN750 Project

The GTN will give what the sim’s kernel is able to give. Until now, I don’t see any way to input the airways in a flight plan (or maybe hidden or undocumented things?)
The first version will not be able to load airways but as soon as there will be a way to do it, it will be implemented. The button is here but is inactive.


Cool can’t wait to get this amazing new GPS unit

Now, managing a flight plan with this GPS is very intuitive and fast, even waypoint by waypoint. The unit will also provide flight plan saving and import.


Now I am very interested in this project

Great news. Payware or freeware ?

Going on from my previous, regarding pop out use, the F1 GTN works beautifully on a tablet. The touchscreen on Android is so much better than the Windows offering. If you can get this out, it is the best news I have seen with MSFS for months. It is THAT special and I would gladly pay for it and above almost all else too.

Probably a freeware version with basic functionality and a payware pro version.


Kerching!!! Pro number one, sold!

Exiting news, I’m definately going for the pro version. I couldn’t fly without a GTN in P3D, so very much looking forward to this. Are there any plans for a GNS replacement option?

I will happily pay for this! So much more user-friendly than the G1000.


That GNS replacement option would really up the game. Think of the value of a GTN upgrade for the steam cockpits. If this became reality, I could also do with a 600 gallon drop tank for the Mooney.

Hallelujah. Say hallelujah. Everyone stand up and bow to the great @ScorpionFilm422. Oh my God I want to be the first customer for the pro version.


I love Aerobask’s XP11 GTN750 aircraft, like their Pipistrel Panthera and Eclipse 550NG, and I’ll be very interested in the pro version, when it is done.

Looking good.

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This GTN has been made from scratch because it was not possible to integrate the Garmin trainer into the sandboxed game. So do not attempts for all the features of the native GPS in the first release.


Yeah baby! I missed that one so hard after switching to Msfs2020

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Can you provide an estimated release date. Please!

Love this. I have 500+ hours with a real world gtn750 in my baron. Let me know if you need any testers. I fly once a week with it.


Mid or late April


I’ll be buying the pro version. Thanks much !

Looks fantastic! Will you be making the GTN650 as well?

I’d love to get one from realsimgear, and don’t have the space for the full GTN750 :wink:

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