GTN750 Project

Currently in dev.

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The c172 classics is a protected aircraft and we can’t modify its cockpit. Only Asobo can do that.

Shame, one of my local Flight Schools has a Cessna 172 Super Hawk fitted with the GTN750

Something to practice with with on your Android or Iphone

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Let me know if you need testers. I fly this in real life.

Probably because RNAV doesn’t bring you to the runway. ILS does.

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The little that I was able to test, on the Grand caravan, the software works very well

This is working very well for me, so nice to have a gtn again! I want to use the wind speed and direction data field but it pops up with the number 88 and no direction. I am assuming this is just not implemented yet. Can someone verify that for me? Otherwise, best avionics mod yet!

yes, this is implemented but we made some tests in the last beta and forgot to disable this test mode here. Should be fixed in next beta basic package. Sorry for that.


Hi am finding in vr the mouse pointer is too far from the screen which makes it difficult to operate the desired button. Can this be fixed easily?

The magenta line for the approach should end at the airport, and in fact the line for the missed should be there as well. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining! I’m so happy about this. I can check in the actual airplane and let you know, but I’m positive the line should go to the field.

Sure but the simulator is missing functionality here. Missed approaches are not implemented.
If the last waypoint of a RNAV approach is not the runway the sim will not display the line until the runway.
For the TNCM RNAV 10 approach, the last point of the approach is MAPON and not the runway so the sim do not display the line from MAPON to R10.
Confirmed on the charts.

It probably depends of the RNAV type. Some other RNAVs have the runway as last point and then the line is displayed.


Actually that’s pretty interesting! You’re of course correct: that’s a non-precision approach. MAPON is actually the MAP. I didn’t think it through.

And please take any critical feedback I have with a gigantic grain of salt. I flew this again VFR tonight and it’s just such a delight to have in the sim.

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I am assuming the GTN750 can obtain ATIS information , like the GNS530 MOD GPS can, from an Internet :“Real world Source”.

While this is a Fantastic feature, it is obviously only of use if you are flying REAL Weather.

Is it possible (does the SDK Support), getting the ATIS information from IN GAME, based on the current weather set ?

If this was possible, and an option, it would greatly benefit those not flying in Live Weather, along with those that are, and are typically finding the the MSFS In-game weather does not match that reported by the In game ATIS Radio information.

I think you’re talking about METAR?

The sim currently doesn’t provide any API to get the weather data in any way other than the current conditions.
Given the fact that ingame ATIS shows/tells wrong data, it wouldn’t help a lot anyhow at this point :confused:

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I’m using mostly the Unreal Weather mod, which uses the METAR from the same source as the GTN750. Even with the same token.
This mod works best around airfields.

But I didn’t have time to check yet, if they really show the same.
But so far it seems not to work with custom weather.

Correct – My Mistake I was seeking the Metar for obtained from the sim, that depicted what the current weather was at a given location.

From what you say about the SDK, It is currently not possible to get the Metar or the Atis information that is being used within he game, to display on a Gauge, until ASOBO create a Weather API that will allow that.

Exactly. And I think they have even huge problems themselves given the fact that they can’t even get their own ATIS implementation to provide correct information about the conditions…

I think reliable weather has a long way to go, until then you just have to assume that real world METAR matches ingame if you’re using live weather. At least for the most relevant aspects (wind, QNH) it works quite well for me and slight deviations from METAR are expected in reality as well.

When using a preset you basically know what conditions will be present since the presets are global.

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Yes, and ALL assocaited problems and mismatches removed if you always fly CLEAR SKY, set wind to zero, and totally disregard in game ATC and ATIS .

If you do decide to set a PRESET, then you need to know the RULES that are currently used to created the conditions.

ie If you set winds at 20 knots, your surface winds will be 10 knots, and ATC will probably try to have you land , many times, WITH the wind.

And don’t listen to ATIS, unless you know its “rules” as well,

ie The wind speed it gives is in ft/sec, so you have to mentally convert to Knots to determine if you and your plane can handle it.

And still during the Q&A Asobo did like they are not aware of any issues with ATIS and made fun of it like they didn’t understand the question (talking about always reporting 3 layers of clouds).

But we’re getting off topic, let’s get back to this awesome addon :slight_smile:


“The art of Deflection” :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just hoping that the correct information could be obtained from the GNS530 and GTN740, but once again, it would appear that that is not possible because of the lack of weather functionality in the SDK.

Discussion closed :frowning:

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