GTX 1080 temp using GPUZ question

The GPUZ has Temperature and Hotspot which is which? Is hot spot like a peak temp?

Thank you.

Yes, it is the highest measured temp (somewhere) on the GPU die. It’s confusing though as I would expect that this is the important number to know if the card is overheating or not. Some people have said there is an ‘array’ of sensors on or around the GPU die and this is the highest of those. It’s expected to ve +10 - 15c higher than the ‘temperature’ reading. That’s about all the detail I can find about it.

Here’s my 1080ti during a flight-


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You’re correct, it’s the hottest sensor on the die. A super high hotspot (>25) is usually an indication the thermal paste isn’t covering good and/or the heatsink is making bad contact.

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