Guess the Aircraft in the works (WIP)

Can you guess which aircraft it is? Exterior model pics to come once I finish it.
Exterior model is 95% complete, interior (cockpit) is about 70% complete so far. Coming 2021
Will reveal the aircraft tomorrow if no one guesses right but I have said what it is in other threads so you can find out that way. too :slight_smile:

Also a few things in the pic are placeholders so not fully done yet like the glareshield.


Hmmm… Judging by the PFD / MFD bezels with the handles, autopilot mode control panel, etc. it definitely has Collins ProLine 21 avionics. Skinny, flat center pedestal, with Prop levers but no separate condition levers. Has to be a Piaggio. :cat2: :tropical_fish:


I agree, looks like a piaggio

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Yeah the p180. Looking great @vipersnake94!

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The P.180 would be awesome.

And it just looks like my wish might come true: