[GUIDE] How to create a new airport (version 0.3)

Thanks @Lyriax4391.

From the PDF document:

  1. Copy the folder into the community folder of your MSFS directory.

Where is the community folder of MSFS located?

Alright, I was able to locate it. In my case the folder is in:


After I copied the package into that folder EDTH showed up in the sim.


hey guys so i created a new airport and deleted the old one with the use of polygons but when i load myself in the old airport is underneath the new one i made how do i fix this?

Did you also set the Airport Delete Records to delete all the underlying features such as runways and taxiways?


hey azgoodaz ! the “AssetDir” is a folder created upon configuring a package file via the inspector window. In this window, you’ll find an empty field with the heading “AssetDir”, and a button to open and exlorer window and specify a location on your hard disk.
So you choose a location (like inside the project folder) and inside that location, in the explorer prompt, you create a new folder and name it as you want (like you would in any explorer window). You then select it, and then hit the “folder select” button. Now the assets of that package will be saved in that specific location.

For testing your package online, once it has been compiled, you have to find the “Packages” (note the “s” at the end) folder in your project. Inside, you’ll find a folder named yourcompanyname-yourpackagename. You copy that whole folder, and paste it in the “community” folder of your FS2020 files location.

You then boot the game, and go directly in a flight to see if it worked. As of now, the package won"t appear in the “content manadger” of your profile menu, but it should be enabled nonetheless.

Finally, your console error is probably mandatory to overcome. But know that there are other errors that may show up in the console log, but not preventing you from testing your package; what does matter is “is a folder created in the packages folder ?” and “does it contains the minimal files (2 .json files and a subfolder with some content at least) ?”.

Thank youu should have known now i feel stupid😅


I tried following this guide, but for some reason it will not save the ICAO code I give it (real or fake).

Anyone having the same problem?

Try pressing enter after typing it in. Had to figure that one out myself too :sweat_smile:


so i have an airport with pretty weird streets for the cars but i cannot figure out how to delete old roads and add new usable ones

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No worries - we all do it :slight_smile:

This is soooo good , tyvm :slight_smile:

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Really appreciate your time spent in making this guide! thank you!

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Excellent tutorial :slight_smile: :v:

Made a small gravel-strip on some farmland nearby (forgot to ask the farmer if it was OK to land there though), and everything worked fine. ICAO came up, and traffic was handed over to where it should.

Figured out the saving of ICAO after @gheeD1538 tipped me, and pressing Enter did the trick.
Also made the mistake of saving polygons over my airport because I selected the name that came up in the Save-box. My laziness only for not typing the full filename I intended to use.

Time to continue developing :slight_smile:


I was able to create my first airport, a real one that is not included by default (SCFM), everything ok but I can’t find the way to add radio frequencies.

Does anybody know how to do it?


Awesome guide! Could you please explain how to import own 3d models from blender to the project?

I’ve seen there is already a video tutorial of another user importing that in another way but i doesnt like the fact that i lose all the mesh, runways, elevations, etc, just because in that tutorial you follow other steps copying original sample files.

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There should be an option to add coms to the airport object. Coms are part of the airport record

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I agree, I just can’t find it for now :confused:

Hmmm - I will look - there should be an option in the Editor to add and set comms. I haven’t looked for it yet

ScruffyDuck Software

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I ended up adding it manually to the source XML under Airport tag for now…

and it worked…


Having too much fun with this.

I have a question about light.

Working on my project and adding individual taxiway lights where they supposed to be (I have not tried any other lights). I just tested my project and the individual lights are not turning on when dark.

I am expecting the individual lights to be on when they should. There is nothing in properties of the lights that I can see. Any idea? Thank you!