[GUIDE] How to create custom painted lines

If you are finding the default lines you can place with the painted line tool a bit lacking it is quite easy to customise them by adding your own texture! In this tutorial I go over how to add custom textures to your painted lines, and a sneaky way to open up assets from the base game to help your create your own textures.

SDK Tutorial #8 - Custom painted lines

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yes you can do this, but can someone tell me how to get the lines to be a higher resolution! They are absolutley JAGGED and it makes no sense because they are on a 2048 texture sheet.

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Hi, how did you do it? i can’t make a custom paintedline. Did you modify the asobo original and leave it in its directory, or did you modify it and bring the modified DDS copy into your materials folder of your project?
Did you leave the original asobo in its folder or did you delete it?
Are the number of lines the same? the names to choose are the previous ones or have you changed them?
Do you have a tip for me? I wanted to insert the centerline of the taxi with the side blacks and central yellow, I tried with png dds but I can not do anything. if i use aprons they work.
Can you possibly pass me your file?
Hello and thank you very much


Looks good! I presume you found out how to correctly position it on the marking texture sheet?

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Yes, of course, I have marked the right pixels to recall it from the EDGE-SERVICE-DASHED, but the lights are not good, I have superimposed it on the existing central line of the taxy by setting only the light, so it comes out right.
Thanks for your tutorial but I did not understand at the beginning where and how to put and structure the png file.
Hello and thanks

Hi, I managed to create 4 missing lines to the sim, which can always be recalled through the EDGE SERVICE DASHED is the one with the best pixel / width ratio. About 60 cm wide.
Lines treated on OPACITY and FIELD BLUR in PS to soften the crests of the edges.
For those who want to attach the PNG files to use them in the SDK.
While waiting for ASOBO to give the possibility to create lines and markings for the ground.