Guimbal Cabri G2

Known Issues:

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Guimbal Cabri G2.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues section of the forum.


My impressions after the first flight: not bad, really not bad!

  • Instrument readability is great, a lot better than in the freeware G2
  • Flight model feels very smooth and fluid
  • Longitudinal trim is really good, but why do I need to add new commands instead of simply using the classic nose trim up/down?
  • Sounds are surprisingly weak, and I was hoping for some simulated vibration

After the first 10 minutes of flying I really like this G2 and think I will be using this a lot!

Edit: the included GTN 650 looks nice, but is very basic. Hopefully the community will be able to replace this with the PMS50 or TDS versions!


I am not able to fly any Heli brought to the Update.
I have hundreds of flight hours in Dreamfoil B407 and VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 for XP11
so these Helis are familiar. I use the same Hardware. But in MSFS its not possible to take of. As soon as the heli lift of it going complete crazy…left, right, left, right…

I configured my Joystick to lateral and longitute cyclic axis and thrustlever to collective axis. Throttle is operated via mouse, Yaw is set to the axis which I used for every Aircraft. Did I miss something to config?


I did not reconfigure my cyclic at all, using the standard elevator and aileron axis. Worked without any problems.

I have 2 questions for you Cabri pilots:

  • How does force trim work? I have bound the longitudinal axis trim to a button, but it doesn’t trim at all.

  • What is the input used for the starter button? I have tried multiple controls named ‘‘starter’’ without success. Since it’s not visible, I’d love to be able to bind it somewhere…

Starter is at the “front” of the collective. That is where you find the Gov too.

I am also wondering about the force trim… Is there not any such functionality?

Force Trim works if You move Your Joystick for example slight forward. Then hold force Trim and release the Joystick. This slightly forward movement is now Your new neutral position.

For the starter I used toggle starter 1, this works for me.


The physics variables are a bit wonky on the ground but otherwise this thing flies like a dream!


Doesn´t work for me sadly.

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I have two buttons on my joystick bound to “Increase Rotor Longitudinal Trim” and “Decrease Rotor Longitudinal Trim”. Works great and you can even hear an electrical motor working during trim activity.

Edit: This is not like the force trim function on some cyclics where you hold a button, move the cyclic to a new position, and then release the button. It is more like a fixed-wing airplane where you push the trim button either up or down and at the same time release pressure on your control until you are neutral and in trim.


First impressions: I think they did a really good job with the flight model, the modeling and the sound. Just like the Bell 407 this feels precise, smooth and yet organic. Love it!

A little copy & paste from the “Helicopters are hard” thread:

Here is a little test flight with the Guimbal. Assistances off. My landing was a bit rough though… I came in too high and fast got myself into a little Vortex Ring State situation before stabilizing and plonking down a little too hard. My landing before that, without the cameras rolling was super smooth and right on the H of the helipad.

If I can do it, anyone can. :wink:


Looks very nice, what scenery is it?

That’s Castlegar (CYCG). It’s part of the Canada World Update .

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Okay, thank You very much.

I’m not seeing a literal “force trim” control assignment; what control assignment(s) are you using for this?

It was just the answer on his question how force trim works. The B407 have this. But since the helis are unflyable for me I have no need to configure any buttons, so I have no idea if this feature even is implemented in msfs…sorry.

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Done. See here: GTN750 Project - #1978 by ScorpionFilm422


I love the Cabri! Congratulations, Asobo team…well done. Very rich and accurate sound environment, flies nicely, all systems simulated. Cockpit and instrument modeling is the best of any Asobo aircraft so far. Digging the GTN650 too…that was a nice surprise for a default aircraft.

I wish the Nemeth team had made the 407 to the same standard, but granted it’s only day 1 for MSFS helicopters.


I’m having a strange issue with the Cabri. Not sure if it’s a bug, or something with my control settings making it do weird things. The above picture is what I see ONLY when I’m holding my right mouse button down. Releasing the right mouse button shuts off all avionics. This is a new one for me, lol.

So sad, this heli is a mess. Can’t lift and spin round and round till crash :disappointed: also the horrendous LOD continues