Gunpilot's Challenging Flights - Papua New Guinea

Welcome to the 44th flight event in the Gunpilot’s Challenging Flights adventure series. This challenging flights event is located in Papua New Guinea, and is again guaranteed to give you more of the heart pounding and sweaty palms experience that you have come to expect from Gunpilot’s flight events.

Once again we fly into the extremely challenging jungle and mountain strips of Papua New Guinea. In this flight we will be landing (or at least attempting to land) on strips carved out of the side of mountains, outlandings in jungle terrain, and on 1 sealed runway (the final destination). Along the way we will have the normal gliding challenges, with a new challenge being tried for the first time - an INVERTED GLIDE from a ridge top down to an airstrip. As well, after the fun we had with looping the caravan after flying under a bridge last week, we will have two challenges where the final approach to land will be made out of a loop aerobatic maneuver. For those who have flown with us in past “rumbles in the jungle” you will be only too aware of the difficulty you will encounter on this flight - for those who are flying with us for the first time all I can say is get ready for a heap of fun (and probably crashes as well). See you in PNG everyone…

:headphones:There may be some music before the event starts and during flight, if you want to adjust the volume just right click on the RYTHM name tag in the list of people in the Radio Comms and you can adjust to your preferred volume level :notes:

Inclines__turbines.pln (8.4 KB)

When: Friday 30th July @ 2300 UTC

Where: Papua New Guinea

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan (as always as flight planned around Caravan performance)


Discord Server: 1 (click on “#gunpilots-events”)

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio


Cessna Caravan as all landing and other challenges built into flight are
tailored for this aircraft specifically

Turn Damage mode off as you will most likely suffer at least hard
landings if not full on crashes

Bring plenty of Duc Tape for running repairs

Crash Helmets are optional, Prayers are advisable

Embrace “SLEW” as it will be your friend by the end of the flight

Practicing to make Caravan landing approaches at IAS of between 40-50knts max will see you nailing difficult landings with ease and precision.

Make it easy on yourself to navigate around the route and accurately pinpoint the exact landing areas by downloading and using the free “LittleNavMap” s/w you can get on the web - you will never open the standard sim VFR Map again once you have tried this fantastic app that integrates seamlessly with MSFS2020.

Inclines map

Inclines__turbines.pln (8.4 KB)

Sounds like fun. Maybe I can make it in late.

Decided on the new movie Jungle Cruise instead of the Jungle Flight :slight_smile:

You should be really really careful and avoid landing there at all costs. Rumors say they like pilots there - especially on the dinner plate ;D

I bush-pilot friend of mine flew into this area to bring medicine against the peculiar high Kuru and Creutzfeld-Jacob cases for the Chu`tlpetl tribe.
And while sitting there around the camp fire as a guest and having dinner in the evening, ha asked about this suspicious looking femur next to the cooking pot.
The tribe told him that they have sacrificed an Orang-Utan to appease the harvest gods.
After flying back and sitting on the hotel bed the bush-pilot suddenly knew what was wrong: Orang-Utans don´t have hip implants…
You are really brave flying into this area, many pilots don´t make it out of this jungle ever again. :wink:

Have you heard about what happened to Major Dutch and his team 1987 in Puerto Vallarta?
Similar things are now happening in the jungle of Papua New Guinea since 2015.

I’ve heard a few stories from pilots that have flown there for different flying services. The Youtuber Missionary Bush Pilot has nothing but good things to say about flying there :wink:

So the legends are not true? Or probably he was not deep enough in the jungle.