Gusts and thermals

So yesterday I went real flying in a retro Cessna 172. We flew to a small rural dirt strip and did touch and go practice.

The HUGE difference between real and FS2020 VR flying is that in real flying there is thermal and wind gust action almost all the time, and you really have to “deal with it” on landing.

Is there a way to use real time weather and also get some realistic wind gust and thermal activity?

Yes. And there is a huge thread on Thermals and Gusts where you can vote.

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Unfortunately not. Wind gusts were working and aren’t right now (we don’t know why) and thermals aren’t implemented yet.

As mentioned by @sydicek, please use the existing topics to discuss the matter and voting for the wishlist item. Closing this topic to avoid duplicate conversations on the same topics.

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