Had a good flight tonight

Even though i agree with most PC simmers that it has been a degradation of graphics with the latest update, i had a beautiful flight tonight in an overcast environment. The graphics did not look bad at all as it tend to do when flying in sunlit conditions with washed out scenery.

I flew over New York city and suburbs with 60 fps at ultra, and everything was buttery smooth with no stutters . Of course the only negative was the apparent pop-in of buildings… But to summarize it all, tonight i felt for the first time after SU 5, there were more positives than negatives.

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Thanks, nice to read a positive. I’ve owned every MS Flight sim since 1.0 and despite the current issues, this thing is amazing.

Instead of fretting about temperatures aloft and real weather and ATC and RNAV approaches it’s nice sometimes to just jump in a C152 and pick a place anywhere in the world and just go fly. If it crashes, restart the adventure someplace else.

Now for few touch-and-gos at Meigs field (oh wait…)

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