Handcrafted KORD vs FS Dream Team Payware KORD

I purchased a payware KORD airport from FS DreamTeam. I know KORD is one of the handcrafted airports but I still went with the payware.

I notice in the content manager that each of the handcrafted airports has an entry - it also looks like I can delete the handcrafted KORD on that list. With that in mind…

QUESTION: Other than hard drive space (which I don’t need) - is there any performance benefit to removing the handcrafted airport and ONLY leaving the payware one installed?
Any idea if the game tries to render the handcrafted one UNTIL it realizes you have a replacement file for that area?
I’m afraid to remove the handcrafted one IN CASE it causes an unforeseen issue so I have not been able to test the outcome.


Probably loads both into memory. The FS Dream Team excludes the default. I’d delete the handcrafted one via the content manager if you prefer the FS Dream Team. You can go back and forth easily between the two versions if you use content manager.

Go ahead and uninstall the asobo airports. Having both could actually cause conflicts. BTW, I think the FSDT KORD is one of the best sceneries out there. It’s absolutely magnificent- especially in the late afternoon. It’s also my home airport (well KMDW is, but I’ll fly there when a good scenery shows up), so I’m a bit biased.

One thing though- There is an issue with Navigraph as well as the default MSFS nav data. SIDS and STARS are messed up, and 10/28C and 9/27C don’t show up in the FMC with the C designation. They show up in the FMC as just 9/27 and 10/28. We still have the L and R. So, when choosing the ILS for either C runway, choose the one that without the designation. At least that was the case up until last week when I flew out of there…

Apparently, when a scenery addon includes a runway that’s not in the default MSFS data- then it jams things up. This isn’t FSDT’s or Navigraph’s fault- it’s something in the sim. This happened when FSDT opened up 9/27C about a month ago. So, you’ll have to build the STARS yourself until Asobo adds the runway in the core of the sim.

Happy flying!

The more scenery installed, the longer the sim loads. Scenery installed in the community folder loads ON TOP OF the default scenery and may cause conflicts. Removed default scenery can allways downloaded and installed again in case of an unforseen issue.

Thanks for the responses.
I’ve uninstalled the handcrafted ORD through the content manager.