Hanger view external view no longer clickable for airliners?

Now I know this issue was sorta there since the launch of the sim, and it usually occurs when I swap to a different livery in the hanger. I have to get out of the hanger page, then get back in, for the external view to work properly again. It was a bit annoying but never bothered me too much.

However, since the last update, it seems like that workaround no longer works for me. In fact, even if I do not swap anything, that external view button is just not clickable. All I can see is the view from front right of the plane, with no way to pan, zoom, or do anything. The cockpit view button still works properly, and I can still pan around that one…And it seemly is only impacting the airliners, so the A320, including the FBW 320, the 787, 747…All the other planes seem to work fine…I don’t see this being mentioned anywhere, so I’m I the only one facing this issue?

Also now I noticed some of the oversized thumbnails for my liveries no longer resize properly.


HANGAR!!! It‘s called a hangar.


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Seeing the same issue.

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