Happy birthday Brandenburg Airport

Looking forward to many happy landings :blush:


I also will visit my tax money :wink:
After spending zillions and a total of 14 (!) years to build they open BER on Halloween …
That is so funny!

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Unfortunately the ‘live traffic’ isn’t that live at all:
I wanted to watch the first two arrivals from a Cessna above BER, but neither plane showed up (in the sim of course - flight numbers 3110 and 2020, guess why :wink:
They wanted to touch the ground simultaneously, but that was cancelled due to the weather conditions. The southern runway isn’t fully equipped yet (ILS I suppose), and it was too foggy.

LOL, finally.

BER just opened and is already in the history books: Number 2 of the most delayed building projects, just behind the Great Pyramid.