Harare International Airport - runway marked as closed

Anyone know why? In real life the airport is operational, but in the sim there are Xs on the runway. :zimbabwe:

You can see those Xs in Bing Maps and Google Maps too, they look like old markings which haven’t been covered well maybe?

I think the runway was extended and resurfaced c2015. Those Xs must be left over from then, though in real life they’ve been blacked out. In the Sim, they’re marking a closed runway.

Some of the satellite imagery can be pretty old. Most is 2-ish years old, but some much older. For my local area, I’ve found stuff still shows that hasn’t been there in 10 years.

Having looked at the satellite images, I’m not sure the issue is that they’re old, but that in converting them into the sim the program has interpreted the black, obsolete Xs as being active and has changed them to yellow.

What a coincidence, I went on the forum searching for closed runways due to actually attempting to land at Harare…

I was coming in from Kariba and then about to land I was like oh gee once I saw X show up. I do see a lot of X on other airports too sometimes just one direction, but Harare was probably first I found that had a whole row of them down the runway. Also ground service seems only list “request push back” only once landing, so I am thinking the taxi ways and the jetway assignments are not made for the airport?

Yeah bunch of X on the only runway available and also a bit disappointed MSFS does not have ILS for Runway 05 which works in FSX. So no ILS approaches available.