Hard Drive Question

So i know everything i read is go with 1 TB SSD…but when building PC, is it smart/sufficient/efficient to have just the 1 TB SSD (as in OS drive)? Or should I have the standard drive for OS and then the 1 TB SSD separately for FS?

Hope that makes sense and thanks for any help!

You definitely want to use an SSD for your boot drive as it will make a huge difference for your general performance, and boot times. I’ve been using the Samsung Evo range for years and they are fantastic. If you only intend to install Windows, and core files on your boot drive a 250Gb is the minimum size you should settle for, the 500Gb is ideal.

On a personal level, if you can afford it, I would aim for SSDs and no HDDs.


thanks for the reply! so if i go with just a 1 TB SSD, would that be fine for both Windows and the sim to be installed?

It should be.

TLDR - Pretty much same as above.

I always keep my OS separated from games, backups, and other files in the event of failure or simplifying a Windows refresh.

In the end, it is down to your budget and system compatibility… run a fast 240-500 GB drive for your OS, a decent drive for your fast loading games, a quicker drive for slower loading games, and just stick to a cheap option for all your extra junk.

my system storage configurations are as follows:

#1 (new)
OS = 240 GB SSD (MSFS game install)
Games = 1TB M.2 NVMe (MSFS package install)
Backup/Media/etc = 3TB HDD

#2 (old)
OS = 240 GB SSD
Basic games (short loading) = 1TB HDD
Simulators (long loading) = 500 GB M.2 NVMe
Backup/Media/etc = 1TB HDD

This allows me to format/replace the OS drive if needed without losing all the important stuff, makes resetting/repairing MSFS risk-free, and keeps things clean/organized.

thanks for all this–lot of good info.

…so if im really intending to just use the PC for FS…go with a 256gb SSD for windows (and install game there?) + 1tb SSD for all the rest of FS that’s what you’re saying would be best.

thanks for the hand-holding…haven’t done a project like this in forever and have been aways from PCs, too.

Yeah you can opt for a 240-ish GB SSD for Windows or if you want to play it safe you can go woth a 480-500 GB SSD for very little more.

1TB SSD for your games will do and be a good middle-ground in terms of storage performance without breaking the bank.

If you want to split FS you can do the following:

  • Install MSFS (Microsoft Store) in the default C: path.
  • Run MSFS, it will prompt for Package location.
  • Install/point the “Package” to a custom location on your game drive.

(example: D:\PC Games\Microsoft\MSFS\Packages)

I only do that to avoid the Windows store app clutter and permission issues on my game drive.
It just happen to also allow me to Repair AND Reset the game (MSFS app settings) without it requiring a full 100+GB download again.

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^ and if you need extra space for your PC driver/software backup, media, game related stuff, etc you can add a HDD on the side since they are a lot of space for the $.

If you can do aim for the 500GB boot drive. The price difference between 250 and 500 isn’t much, but it’s nice to have the extra space even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

You do not want to be in a situation like I am… I purchased two 500GB NVMes for ~240 each. Now I need to bump them to 1TB drives. The price difference is about $100, so I’m going to spend a lot more upgrading than I would have if I brought them outright.

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My personal opinion.
I have ssd and hdd mixed setup.

OS, games and storage on different drives. When I upgraded my gaming ssd from 512gb to 1tb SSD i did it without any problem.
When I reformatted and upgraded OS SSD from 256gb to 2TB SSD did not installed any games again.

My current setup is 2TB OS + 1TB Gaming + 512GB for MSFS cache. All SSD. I moved cache to my old drive i had since i did not want to fill my gaming SSD space totally.

So TL;DR answer, in my opinion go with OS + Gaming SSD

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